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      I love Photoshop as it helps me to edit photos or any images. It can help to do a digital makeup on the photo. It can beautify a picture. It is not hard to learn the basic of this tool but if you want to advance to the next level, do get books. My hubby just got a few books on it, mostly tips & tricks. He is into photography. Hey look at what he did to a photo.

      Now you see it, now you don’t. All the slime from the nose is gone.



      By the way, the top logo is done using Photoshop too. I just don’t have time to play around else I can create more fun things. Like this one that I did years ago:

      Published on August 7, 2005 · Filed under: Information, IT, Parenting, Technology;
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    1. yah i love photoshop…hey, try to change the colour of emily’s top..that’s fun to play with 😉