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    • Hysterical fits

      Two days ago, my son was hysterical, he was in a real bad mood. He messed up my folded laundry. I scolded him and he went hysterical. Daddy came in and comforted him.

      He followed me downstairs and started coloring his books. I was there surfing. Daddy was putting my gal to sleep. After about 30 minutes, it was already 9:30pm, time to go to bed. He insisted that he wants to continue coloring. I told him nicely that he is late, he can continue tomorrow. Sometimes he gives all kind of excuses to avoid going to bed early. He wants to watch Barney, he wants his milk, he wants to do this and that. My hubby and I usually send our children to bed before 9:30pm.

      I was really tired that day. I switched off all the lights, pack his coloring books and colors. He started crying and whining. I carried him to his bed. Then he threw a hysterical fits, yelling that he want to color. After about 5 minutes, he reduce his volume, I brush his teeth. Of course, I ignore his request. He was still crying and continue saying “Color, I want coloring, coloring, coloring…..coloring. His volume was going up and down. Lights were off, he is on his bed but he is still going on.

      At the end, volume reduced and stopped. I think he cried “coloring” more than 200 times before he stopped. He can be very long winded. The night suddenly turned peaceful.

      Published on August 10, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Hysterical fits”

    1. Poor mommy and poor son….motherhood is so tough! Can let him do the colouring till he is satisfied?….this only happened once in a blue moon right? Wow, you are tough….you can stand him crying and whining for 5 mins ah!

      Sometimes can let him sleep a bit later during weekend but not in the weekday lah!

    2. Hey, I can relate to ur situation. My girl oso at this phase. Want milk lah, want play this lah, want pangsai lah, want see this lah .. that lah… But when we already said “No”, we must mean it, even though she cry until very kesian… Other wise, susah to control.

      I once threw away all her crayons because she dun want to pick up… she cried so much!! Nowadays, when she dun pick up her toys, I’ll go to the store and take the broom out and she’ll quickily pick them up liao!

    3. Poor boy but my Destinee’s like dat oso. Sometimes really gets on mommy’s nerves, dat’s why got to use rotan to threaten. Sometimes got to be firm. But he’s not always like dat, rite? I tot it’s only my kid who acts like dat but hee, hee, got partner oso.

      Now, whenever she cries for something, I’ll make her sit on the sofa and let her whine and I’ll continue doing what I’m doing (I do not allow pappy or kakak to go to her) until she stops (lucky me, she’ll whine only for about 1-2 mins.), then she’ll come over to say sorry and ‘deh deh’ mommie.

      Aiyo, Michelle, did u pinch Tim’s ears, looks so red leh.

    4. michelle said on

      Jefferene: It was a weekday, usually i will let him color til he wanna go to bed. That day I was tired so let him color for 30 mins. Need to be stern to discipline him.

      Annie: Wah, you throw money away….hehehehe

      Tracy: When I take the cane, haven’t beat him yet, he cry loud loud already. I seldom beat him. He pinch his own ear, I didn’t touch him also. I only beat him if he push mei mei.

    5. Michelle, I choose “war” one. Must choose those that we (adult) can afford to win one. That crayon cost less than RM1 (hehe). If it’s something expensive, then I won’t use this method lor..

    6. wow……a lot of experience from all the mommies…agree, we must be stern, or else later climb on our shoulders

    7. wah, very the patience wor, still can snap a photo of him! LOL!

      You r right, we have to be stern. No means No. But with Yiyi’s grandparent around, some time a bit difficult. When we scolded Yiyi, grandPa will say “Come, come, sayang”