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    • My Precious Barbie

      When I was young, my parents could not afford any Barbie dolls. I never played one before. Now at the toy store, it is selling like hot cakes. I mean it is so expensive but yet parents do buy for their kids to play. One set of Barbie clothes can sell for RM40-100. Wow, I can buy actual clothes for myself.

      Anyway, I have Ken & Barbie which is priceless. Ken is my Tim and Barbie is my Emily. Hahaha… I can buy them real clothes to dress them up.

      Gals have more choices of accessories, dress, shoes and pretty things to buy. I bought 2 pairs of clips for my gal. She didn’t like it, keep pulling it away from her hair. Soon she will get used to it.

      I just cannot resist buying pretty things for her. Wow I am going to dress her up as a Princess. Fortunately I have only one gal, else I go bankrupt.

      Published on August 15, 2005 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    4 Responses to “My Precious Barbie”

    1. Luckily my Yee Ching doesn’t like Barbie doll, or else I also “bankrupt”, she likes toy cars:P!

      Your precious barbie is cute with one “coconut tree” at her head, :P. Last Sat, I trimmed Yee Ching’s hair myself…..she looks like Ah Lian now!

    2. Emily looks so cute with her hair tied up…wow imagine 1 year down the line she’ll have long hair like raeven and then can tie ponytail :)….Must pray hard for GOD to grow Faythe’s hair faster hehehe

    3. True lah, dressing up real life “Barbie” is more fun. Last time my toddler at Emily’s age oso pull out everything we put on her hair. But now, you give her ten hairclips oso she can clip them all on the hair!! Very the oi leng..

    4. Destinee loves not only Barbie dolls but Barbie VCDs, toy sets, containers, umbrella ..etc. Reason: caught the ‘fever’ from mommy cos mommy oso like Barbie’s stuff (alamak).

      True to say, girls have more choices in dressing up and very ‘oi leng’. I too love to buy pretty stuff for my girl. That’s why I’m half ‘broke’ liao.

      Michelle, Emily sure looks cute with dat, like what Jefferene said, ‘coconut tree’. How nice of Emily to allow u to tie the ‘tree’ for her. Not with Destinee, she’s bound to snatch the rubber band from me before I could even twist the band.