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      A month ago, I received a rumor about my company, selling its business unit. Obviously the management will denied any rumor unless it is an official announcement. Funny thing is that the War Street Journal published it, so it may be pretty reliable. Yesterday, the official announcement was out to confirm that the rumor was true.

      I have been with the company for 7 years. I have seen my company going through many waves and many barriers. We started with a 5 billion company. 5 years ago, we were spun off to a new company. Now they are spinning of another NewCo to make the current company more profitable and hopefully to push up the stock price. I just notice that the stock price shot up.

      Oh well, now I just have to wait for further reorganization to see whether I am with the current company or the NewCo. There is transitional bonus for those who move over. It’s a very attractive package. As Jasmine put it to me, don’t let the devil tempt me. Yeap I totally agree with her. Money is not everything. My colleagues will faced with dilemma: Money or Career. There is maybe a slight possibility of getting the best of both worlds. Nothing is guarantee with this world.

      The next few months would be very interesting or challenging for my work… Boy! I never attended so many talks in one day, started last night at 6:30pm.

      Published on August 16, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    4 Responses to “Company Affair”

    1. my company oso reshuffling. I am moving from KL to Klang. Luckily no more haze liao…

    2. More challenge = more $$$!?

    3. More challenge = More $$$ = MORE RESPONSIBILITIES and WORK!!!

    4. michelle said on

      Jefferene & Tracy: More Challenge = More headache & stress

      My colleague was telling me that she joined the company as her first job, now she have been into 3 companies w/o actually resigning….