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      Chinese believe that if you look at cute baby pictures during pregnancy, your baby will look like what you see. Pregnant women must look for cute baby pictures. If you want your baby to have big eyes, look for a baby picture with big eyes. Pregnant lady should avoid looking at ugly pictures. Not allow to go to the zoo. I am sure you seen the movie Elephant Man right. Come to think of it, it may be a ASIAN myth.

      I don’t believe in myths, but I have this lovely baby picture staring at me all the time. It is a Guardian Pharmacy table calendar and it is place in my office table. During my pregnancy, I did look at it often, not that I believe the myth.

      Here is the picture of the calendar.

      My gal:

      Anyway, do you see any resemblance with my gal and the picture? Spot the similarities & differences

      1. Fair (anyway both my children is fair – follow hubby’s genes).
      2. Chubby & Rounded Face.

      1. She doesn’t have the big round eyes though.

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    8 Responses to “Chinese Myth”

    1. Similarities: they both have coconut tree :P, …….just kidding!

      Diffrences: Emily have more hairs!

    2. Michelle,

      I dunno whether u believe dis or not. It really happened to my aunty leh.

      She was using a pair of scissors and was cutting a piece of cloth on her bed when she was pregnant. Her MIL told her not to (one of those myths or truths, dat’s when u r pregnant and u cut something on ur bed, there’s something bound to happen to bb).

      But my aunty, as usual where can listen to MIL, continued and u know what happened? Her bb girl’s (my cousin) left ear is without the loop (but luckily not much), just like being cut off! So I think to be on the safe side, it’s better to listen to old folks, whether myths or truth.

      When I was pregnant with Des, I used to look at the cute-cute, chubby-chubby pretty-pretty pics of bbs too but Des came out to be the opposite leh. No double eyelids, flat nose, skinny and small size (boo hoo hoo). But luckily as she grows, her looks are better.:)

    3. Similarities: they both have round chubby face :).

      Sorry I can’t help but KPC here a bit.
      I make bead jewellery for living, so during my pregnancy I still continue my job, in fact my tummy was so big I can use it as a table, I had a tray with all the tools I need and place it on my belly for easy working, the tools consist plier to twist wire, cutter to cut wire, and scissor to cut string.
      and my babies are fine.
      I wander how those lady who work as tailor cari makan if they don’t touch scissor leh?

    4. michelle said on

      Jefferene: Thanks 😀 Initially Emily has no hair, now only see some hair.

      Tracy & Twinsmom: I actually renovated my house 1-2 months before my delivery. I suppose if you don’t believe it will never happen, if you believe there could be a slight possibility it happens.

      Twinsmom: Thanks for dropping by 🙂 and I have seen your jewellery, very charming and you really have a very creative pair of hands.

    5. During pregnancy, I looked at my hubby’s face a lot & looked into the mirror more. So that ppl know where DD comes from, hehehe…

    6. Me was in 32weeks pregancy now, n my house just get renovated and recently have move in..
      Eldest said, pregnant lady cant do so many things, especially involving to house. And also cant eat this and that, I think I have break lots of the ‘pantang’ things.
      My Uncle was a “lam mo lou” (his occupation is to pray for those dead ppl), and he know lots of those things, but he has told me that is ok, just dont go back to my house when renovation in process and dont think so much of the “Myth”, like what Michele said, “If you believe it happen, it could happen, if u dont it never happen”
      Just stay healthy, eat healthy and think healthy everything will be find..:)

      Michele : The similarities is both also vy chubby and cute….;)

    7. Hehe, I also wants to kpc! During my 1st month of pregnancy, I was still going for aerobics classes and jumping up & down. At the last trimester….still climbed up & down to the table to do house cleaning with my big belly……I was fine! 😛

    8. What i heard:
      – Pregnant lady can’t across the “longkang besar”, as after will trigger miscarriage.
      – Can’t look at the plumber when he is piping the water pipe as it will trigger harelip.
      – Can’t renovate your house as it will cause miscarriage.

      But, as for first time, i think most of the mummies are following these rules la..