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    • Balik Kampung

      I will go back to my hometown with my family tomorrow. Hooray!! Eat & shop. It funny, people usually return to from the city to the kampung, not so congested place. I am the other way around. I am going back to the City. Yeah let por por and koong koong (grandma & grandpa) have fun with my children.

      Will tell you more when I return….

      HAPPY NATIONAL DAY TO ALL MALAYSIANS!!! Please don’t misuse our national flag.

      Published on August 26, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    6 Responses to “Balik Kampung”

    1. Go visit the new KLCC aquarium too if have time……..promotion rate till 31/8.

    2. yah i heard promo, 20RM per person for adult. I’m home alone on a long weekend sob sob :(….

    3. Wah, Michelle, u balik kampung, bila balik ke Penang? How was the gathering? Tim & Emily must have enjoyed. Put into ur blog, can or not? Pleeeeaaasseee.

    4. Michelle, do post your trip share with us, especially if you happen to visit the KLCC aquarium ;).

    5. Hopefully i can bring my Joshua to aquarium on this coming Thursday or Friday (on leave), i don’t like to squeeze like sardine with people thus i won’t choose weekend to go on this freshy time.

    6. Hey Michelle, where is this kidsports & gym? It looks really like the perfect place to bring any toddlers/kids to.