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    • TV Program – ADHD

      August 9, 2005

      Last Sunday, I came across a TV program, it is a local talk show, and it was in mandarin. I was reading the subtitle because I am a banana. I wished I learned Chinese while I was in school.

      Anyway, the show is so degrading. The topic for that day was about a hyperactive child. First the host showed the story or history of the child. How his behavior at home is like. How he is very different from other children. How naughty he is. There were interviews from his grandparents, uncles, friends of the mother and the mother. The host brought in the mother to talk about the child. It got everyone emotional and lots of crying from the audience.

      The host bought in the expert who I think major in psychology. I was hoping that she could give us some resolution to help the child but it didn’t happen. All she said were what the definition of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), what characteristic of ADHD and what the causes are. She gave the mother some books.

      The host bought in the child and the child was so afraid. She interviews him but he was reluctant to answer at first. From then on, I didn’t continue to watch, switch channel, watched 3R instead.


      The show would have been better if they show ways of how to help the child and not focus so much on the problem. In turn it will be benefit to other viewers if they are faced with the same situation. I believe ADHD and autism existed long ago. There are special centers with skilled teachers who can help these children. Once the children are trained in the special way of learning, they can live a normal life and control themselves. I am not the expert here but I know that the child can be helped if they go to these special schools. Parents have to accept the fact and move on to help the child. It is tough, easy for me to say but focus on the solution rather than the problem.

      I read an article on Woman’s Weekly last week on how a parent help her child who had Down. She succeeded. The child grew up to be a writer, writing books to help other children/parents who face with Down issues. It was so touching. Don’t give up and draw strength from God.

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    • Beach

      August 8, 2005

      I love Penang you can go to the beach anytime and enjoy the fresh air. Last Saturday, I took my children to the beach to play some sand. They love it and didn’t want to go home. Great whether, not too hot.

      Funny thing is that my hubby wanted to visit the Spice Garden. His friend told the direction, it is near the hotel, if you drive along, you won’t miss it. Hello, there are so many hotels in Batu Ferringhi and Teluk Bahang. Anyway, we couldn’t find it because it is like hitting an ant in the desert. Today I came back to office and did a Google search. Here is the URL with a map: . Trust the man to ask for directions.

      Oh well, will attempt to visit it next week and hopefully can bring back some great pictures for you. As for now, enjoy our beach weekend….

    • Adobe Photoshop

      August 7, 2005

      I love Photoshop as it helps me to edit photos or any images. It can help to do a digital makeup on the photo. It can beautify a picture. It is not hard to learn the basic of this tool but if you want to advance to the next level, do get books. My hubby just got a few books on it, mostly tips & tricks. He is into photography. Hey look at what he did to a photo.

      Now you see it, now you don’t. All the slime from the nose is gone.



      By the way, the top logo is done using Photoshop too. I just don’t have time to play around else I can create more fun things. Like this one that I did years ago:

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    • Toy House

      August 2, 2005

      I bought a Toy House for my children last weekend. They were having fun with it. I don’t usually buy many toys for them but somehow they have accumulated 2 boxes of toys, from shampoo container, empty boxes, spoons, medicine bottles, cups and etc…etc.

      Anyway, the Toy House is something special, it has a house, lots of furniture, a family and a dog. Tim just step on the chair and it broke. It is a cheapo toy house made in China which cost last than RM50 and quality is not as good as the branded ones. Oh well, as long as they can have fun with it, who cares about quality.

      Here are some pictures of it:

    • Ice Cream

      August 1, 2005

      Baskin Robbins gave 31% discount on 31st of every other month. Have you ever walk into Baskin Robbins on the 31st? Please don’t. There will be lots of hungry people there. There are people who want to taste every tub of ice-cream there is and cannot make up their mind which to buy. Next person in the queue will be cursing and swearing. There are also people jumping queue. Poor BR staff had to service all these hungry folks.

      Anyway, there is a trick to all this. You can walk in anytime to BR and tell them you want to pre-order your ice-cream. No one will be there to disturb you. You can do all the tasting you want and look at every tub ice-cream. You can even take precious time to choose which ice-cream you want without any anger or frustration in the environment. You can tell the staff that you want to pick it up on the 31st. The staff will give you the discount.

      By the way, you can walk in on the 30th too, of course in the month where there is 31st, you will also get the 31% discount with the ice-cream. I walk in on the 30th July and got myself a tub of World Class Chocolate and Coconut. No one was there to disturb me. I had some ice-cream for my son to taste too.

      Next month (August), national day special, you can walk in on 29, 30 and 31st and also get the 31% discount. If you want to avoid the hungry crowd, pre-order your ice-cream.

      I asked my son, which ice-cream he wants, showing one usual brand and BR. He pointed at BR. Wow, children these days, know how to eat branded stuff. He loves ice-cream. My gal loves anything, so she enjoys it too.