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    • Decision…Decision…

      Turn left or turn right? Go here or go there? Whole weekend, my mind is worked up by where to go. I cannot really decide. One side, it’s a comfort zone with no potential growth. On the other side it’s very attractive, high risk and out of comfort zone. I hate making decision like this. I cannot see the light yet.

      I used to make decision based on certain happenings, not sure whether that is good or bad. For example, I will say to myself, if it rain today, I will pick A otherwise I will pick B. I know I am not supposed to do that. I am to rely on God. I do believe God also uses nature sometimes to direct me. I did pray about the direction that I should go.

      Now, I can toss a coin, throw a dice or draw lots….

      Please help me out here, pick for me, just state in my comment box, choose A or S? I will do the rest.

      I will blog the whole story when I have decided, probably in October.

      Published on September 4, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Decision…Decision…”

    1. Sometimes it’s good also when you have something to choose, better than a lots of peoples who can’t choose what they want.

      Are you satisfied with the current pay? If yes, better stayed at the current comfort zone and you could have more times with your precious family.

      Are you looking for a new challenge? If yes, go ahead with the new jobs but you might have to spend more times with the career during the initial period.

      Hope this helps!

    2. I’m always not the one who is good in making decision, i’ll leave my problem to GOD, you know, you need to preside over to your own decision made, but if it’s directed by GOD, GOD will take all responsibilities. Since you believe in GOD, just let GOD to the rest, i think you can see the light soon.

    3. hmm..what I’ll probably do (before I have Faythe) write down pros and cons of 2 sides and compare then make decision. Now (after have Faythe), will weigh the stability, benefits, salary scheme and of course distance to work. Prospect will come much later for now

    4. Wah, very difficult questionlah. Have u tried to ask Emily & Tim’s opinions ornot?? I think they will give u some *lights*… hehehe..or give them some coins to toss lor. But sometimes Comfort Zone oso can change to boredom!… If u din try the NEW job will u regret in future? If take NEW job may be can retire earlier leh…(either earned enuf liao-can open own shop or ta pao dun want to work liao-too busy).

      I think tis depends on individual characteristic. If for me, I’m the not-committed type- chao at the dot. For me, I’ll stay back. But if you are someone who likes challenges, then go for NEW job lor. U haven’t tried the NEW job, how would you exactly sure it’s going to be OT all the time?…. Hai ya, dun know lah… toss coins lar! “Emily, Tim..come, come, throw these coins on the floor…….”

    5. Hee, hee, left, right, right, left? Which one? Do agree dat it’s really headache in making decisions.

      Ya, measure the pros and cons. Look at the difference of the $$$$$ first. If not too much, u better stay, if a lot, maybe u can give the new job a try.

      It’s always the mind who’ll make the decision. So ………

    6. From what I’ve heard, the offer is quite rewarding what… and if after you’ve tried it out say 1-2 years and found that you don’t like the management’s style, you can always find another job in other companies… trust your gut feel?

    7. Jefferene: Thanks. Not so much about $$, more of potential career growth.

      Hui Sia: Thanks. Yeah, God is certainly a big part of my life. Although sometimes I take him for granted.

      Jasmine: Thanks. If only I have all the information but I don’t. Most of them are unknown.

      Annie: Thanks. Tim and Emily will probably wants mummy to stay at home & play with them. Hahahaha.

      Tracy: Thanks. Money is not my decisive point.

      Domesticgoddess: Thanks. Another thing to consider which I miss out in my blog is that I have been working with my current company for 7 years. If I go, I may loose my seniority.