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      My hubby bought my son to the barber to cut his hair. As compare to the last incident of my hubby attempt haircut, it looks better this time round. I dare not cut anyone hairs, I always have nightmares of making mistakes in a haircut and the person is left with no hair.

      Previous hair cut:

      Barber Style:

      Published on September 15, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    11 Responses to “Barber Cut”

    1. Ya, I cut Yee Ching’s hair once and it turned out ugly, dare not try again next time.

      hehe, the barber cut looks better but I think the front hairs are bit too short.

    2. Tim’s hair cut so short… I’ve never even dared to cut Ivan hair by myself, only trimmed those that reached his ears so he don’t get irritated…

    3. Wien will never go to barber to trim her hair. Brought her once, she cried like kena bully….since then she never go to barber anymore..I myself trim her hair…so does her sister Lyon! Duno why all my girls scare barber to cut their hair??

    4. Michelle, next time try Flat Top for Tim lah! His hair can stand or not? I am also interest in that CAMERA which Tim was holding in picture 2. Real camera or toy?

    5. Annie: Free from Ribena, can be use as real if you put film inside. No flash though.

    6. Eeeeek, I tot Tim’s daddy tried his hands on barbering again. The front still looks like ‘dog bite’ leh. Don’t u think it’s a bit short? Take a closer look, still can see patches here and there. So ….. the barber’s only a little better than Tim’s daddy. Hee, hee, soli, soli, since nothing can be done now, hor?

    7. hahaha…I laugh so hard on the previous hair cut, sorry hor to your hubby :lol:…this proof we have to pay money to let other do their job lor. come think about it girl’s hair more easy to cut lor, at least my girls diam diam let me cut their hair.

    8. Ya lor. I think girls hair easier to cut. Keep it long than do just the fringe and the back, not like the boys, but I think the barber cut only slightly better than daddies cut wor. Go tell that to the daddy sure feel proud one. kekekeke.

    9. very short haircut..did daddy manage to curi skills from the barber hehe

    10. Daddy wants it real short. Donno why?

    11. no need to cut so often so save money.