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      Finally we got to go to Spice Garden with my family. It was the haze, wedding dinner and rainy weather that keep us from going. The Spice Garden is located somewhere in between Batu Ferringhi and Teluk Bahang of Penang. It was not what I expected. No doubt the scenery was very beautiful with lot of greens and water falls. The place has alot of hiking trails that you need to climb. Lots of stair way up and of course no place for stroller. I had to carry Emily to hike up. My children had fun and so did I (exhausted), to enjoy God’s creation again and always remind me there is someone out there who created the world perfect.

      The above picture shows that Emily actually was holding a big giant spice called the Kayu Manis (Cinnamon).


      Emily playing with the fresh water from the hill:

      Little Waterfalls:

      Purple Flower:

      Our Ride:

      Beautiful Scenary:

      Two Sneaky kids in the Gift Shop:

      Published on September 18, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting, Travel;

    8 Responses to “Spice Garden”

    1. wonderful weekend tim and emily had hehe…the place looks interesting, didn’t know there’s such place in Malaysia 🙂

    2. i dint know also, but the last pisture says it all… both of them look plastered but so happy ^^

    3. ai seh man…last time went too rush, time before we comeback to KL drop by mah, miss a lot of things. will visit again next time go to Penang. I really enjoy all the picture, Emily very got very cheeky smile, cute…:).

    4. those beautiful sceneries really attract my intention to go there one day..wait till Lyon 1year++, sure we will go there..

    5. Everyone: Pictures are deceiving, hehehehe. Are you sure, you gals want to go? My recommendation is go when your kids can walk and hike. Here are more details of the trail:

      – jungle trail (follow the green marks; duration 40 -45 minutes)
      – ornamental trail (follow the red marks; duration 20 – 25 minutes)
      – spice trail (follow the orange marks; duration 30 – 35 minutes)

      But I must say, the scenary is very beautiful. For adult, have to pay RM13 for admission.

      Twinsmom: My gal inherited my cheeky smile.

    6. The scenery so beautiful……I wanna go too… day when Yee Ching is older. I love jungle trekking!

    7. I like the last picture, very funny and cute.

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