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      Today, I took my gal for MMR shot. She is supposed to take the jab 2 weeks ago but she was down will diarrhea. She is now 15 months. I carry her into the clinic, she was happy to see so many toys there. There was no queue, the paed called her in. My hubby just put her on the chair and she sat there by herself. She gave a cheerful smile while the paed checked her heartbeat. The paed ask my hubby to hold her while she jab. The paed did a good job, it was pretty fast. She didn’t cry at all. I was so proud of her.

      Later she wave bye bye and gave the paed a flying kiss.

      My son and gal are not afraid of the needle. Not like me. When I was young, when I saw the doc preparing the needle, I scream. I told the doc, please don’t jab me, just give me medicine will do. I remembered once, I was struggling when the doc jab me and the needle broke in my buttock. Ouch! I was a weak child and always get sick. When ever I have fever, the entire family will be worried. My fever can shoot up very high and followed by seizure. My mum will put a cloth wrap spoon beside my bed to prevent me from biting my tongue when I have seizure. I am not sure whether it is medically sound for that. Fortunately I grew out of it. Mum said it was due to the Chinese medicine (deer’s horn) that she gave me. Honestly, God saw me through.

      Published on September 19, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    14 Responses to “MMR Shot”

    1. Bravo Emily!

      Yee Ching didn’t have to wait till the needle poke her to cry, she cried immediately the Dr touched her or checked her and cried even louder the needle poke her.

    2. Wah, Emily’s so brave (muah, muah, muah), not like mommy. Teruknya needle broke in ur buttock?! Wah ha, ha. I just cannot imagine how the doc. got the needle out from ur buttock!!! Alamak, want to laugh again (soli).

    3. Bravo Emily..Thumbs down for Mommy though kekeke…but Mommy got a good fren, I’m also like that..pretty chronic-fear-of-needle person. But I didn’t broke the needle lah..I only fainted after I took the jab hehe

    4. Emily so brave cry wor…both my girls like Jeff’s Yee Ching, cry when see the doc or checked on her, when do the jab cry even louder..

    5. My girl oso din cry. When she had that chicken pox jab, which doc said most kids will cry, she only let out one scream. That’s all. The doctor must be good at this and have to do it real fast. By the time she screamed, the needle already pulled out! So what’s there to cry.

    6. My boy also don’t scare of any jab, he would like unconsciousness for any pains, i was initially worried his nerve has problem. Anyway, Emily is so brave because majority baby girls more manja and cry when having jab.

    7. So far my kids not too bad but I think the person most afraid of needles in my little family is Mr MG. Hehehe. Luckily he never kena needle stuck in buttock before. Lol!

    8. Brendan cries the moment I step into the clinic with him, way before the dr even sees his face. He wasn’t like that before until a few months back. sigh!

    9. my xuan never cry also until he got admitted into hospital when he was 11 mth old, and yet 2 times admitted! since then, once see the paed straight away revolt and cry hard… poor boy 🙁

    10. so good girl! Ivan see doctor’s face start fidgeting already… after that cried for a while only, after carried him away from the doctor’s sight ok liao…

    11. waliau…first time hear baby go jab never cry…*hand your tima nd emily a trophy each* hahaha…so good.
      err…I hate jab when I was young (who like it?), especially hate the needle that insert to our hand for drip, but after 4 times admited to hospital, I will say I kind of “use to it” already, now can watch the doctor insert the needle liao.

    12. my son also never cry during jabs… but when they wanted to take his blood for testing… all hell broke loose!!

    13. Everyone: For those children who cry when seeing a doctor, maybe you can buy a toy doctor set and start playing with your children. It will take away their fear if you can show them and teach them what to expect when seeing a doctor. Emily like the stethoscope. Actually I have a real one at home, to hear my son’s wheezing sound when he is sick.

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