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      Many of you know that was down on whole of Monday, due to over exceeding of bandwidth. It was partly my fault as I was not paying attention to warning emails triggered. Anyway, I have extended the bandwidth now and it is back on.

      I pay for and it is not free. It is a good thing that it is down because it shows the popularity of this site. How this works, you may ask. As you access, my server uploads files to your browser. The amount of files in bytes traveling to your PC is called bandwidth. There is a limit to the bandwidth in my server. The more you access, the more bandwidth it takes. That is how it works.

      The reason I started is to help mothers, to get mothers together to share so that other new mothers can enjoy their experience. I want mothers to be connected so that they can learn from one another. Laugh together and share worries together. I love gatherings with mothers and their children too. I met so many mothers when I started this. The friendship just carried on. Of course, we will not forget the daddies too. I love to teach and help other non-IT literate mothers to blog too, to write a diary of themselves and their children. Sometimes, I feel that mothers can share their feelings through blogging or let out their depression by writing. Sorry that I am not the Guru, but I am learning myself when I teach.

      Secondary reason was that I want to keep up with the new Internet technology out there. Being in the IT line, I have to keep up to speed with technology. I learn about forum, blogs, and lots of other Internet tools like WordPress, Mambo, PhpBB, Gallery and etc…etc. The cost is very minimal, I only pay RM120 per year for the domain, server hosting, storage and bandwidth. The value I got from it is priceless.

      For mothers and daddies out there who want to join us in forum, please register yourself at . It is free.

      Published on September 28, 2005 · Filed under: Information, Parenting;

    10 Responses to “Mybabybay Recovered With TLC”

    1. sorry for being one of the culprit for making you pay more 😛

    2. Egghead: My pleasure. 😀

    3. Thank you Michelle!

    4. Yeah, thank you for setting up a forum for us to chat!

    5. your explain about bandwidth bette than twisndad lar, twinsdad just “mong mong cha cha, mong mong cha cha…like tht lor.” while I still “Hah????!!!!”

      OK, let me contribute some “damage” to your bandwidth too :lol:.

    6. Way to go Michelle! keep it going. It takes mothers like you to support other mothers! 🙂

    7. Mich, didn’t know there was a story behind and wuah seh, didn’t know dat u kena pay for leh. U deserve a muah, muah, muah from all of us. Thank u so much. I really learnt a lot of things and got to know a lot of mommy frens here. U’ll have my (and others) support all the way. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

    8. Thanks a lot 🙂 Was surprised when I first got an invitation to join your forum in my email…. now I know so many wonderful mummies here… it’s been such a pleasure!

    9. me too want to thanks u michelle here…u r a wonderful friend la..helpful/thoughtful/etc etc..i still need u to help on blogging, one day will kacau u again..

    10. Everyone: I feel good helping people. I need mothers like you to help me to help others too. Lets share the credits ok. I am not alone. Thank YOU!