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      After reading DomesticGoddess blog about her piano, it makes me want to blog this. I have no music talent whatsoever. I am tone deaf, please don’t ask me to go for karaoke, you probably kick me out after my first song. I tried to learn music when I was 12, took organ lesson. The teacher asked me to go home and never to return. Somehow I cannot follow the rhythm and I have poor coordination. Imagine playing with 2 hands and 1 foot.

      The funny thing is my Dad, he can play the harmonica very well. He just listens to the song and reproduces it using his harmonica. He can play by ear. He played his harmonica during my wedding. Everyone enjoyed it. None of my sister and bro can do that.

      Now I wish my children have my dad’s musical genes. I want them to at least learn 1 music instrument be it the piano, violin, organ or guitar. If they cannot, I will not force them, at least they tried. While I was pregnant, I listen to some music. Some say the baby in the womb can hear music if we plays it. I also played soft music when they are about to sleep. I find that it helps to simulate their right brain (creative side).

      My son is very creative, I can tell by his speech and action. Example, I have been giving him multivitamins and told him it is vitamins. The vitamins come in shape of the hearts. Once he came up to me and asked me “Mummy, I want vita-hearts”. Isn’t that creative or what? There are other examples.

      If you look at western countries, most of their children start to learn music when they are young. As you know the famous “Barney” and “Hi 5” that all children loves. Now my gal starts to like it and watch it with her kor kor.

      Let’s hope my children will have interest in Music.

      Published on September 29, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    6 Responses to “Music”

    1. yeap… I am like your father… can reproduce tunes on harmonica upon hearing them 🙂

    2. I learnt harmonica when i was Junior One, it was nightmare for me especially when came to exam, I needed to “blow” solo and my teacher would criticize right after finished playing. I learnt 3 years till Junior Three and no more music class since i went up to Senior One..hurray, my nightmare ended.

      When i was pregnant, i didn’t listen any classical music as it was liked lullaby, i would fall asleep when i just turn on it. I loved to listen those pop music like Joey Yung, and now my boy would give response when he hears those pop music. Is it due to what i heard when he was inside my belly…i think YES.

    3. hahaha… so how many organ lessons you manage to have?? What la your teacher, don’t know how to teach ask people dun come! I believe in cultivating their interest when they are young. So, have you signed up any music lesson for Tim? Waiting for your review….

    4. yah, I started believe pregnant listen to the music do help the baby’s development. at least I see it from my girls.
      I think it is better to let the kid learn music instrument IF they show interest on it. I have seen a lot of cases the kids being force to learn music instrument, and ended up hate music even more, poor kid.

    5. Egghead: Opps are we related?

      Hui Sia: Maybe your boy will have some POP genes.

      Annie: A few classes. All wasted, but I know how to read music notes. I will probably start him at age 4 or 5. No force, if he doesn’t like, he can quit any time. He got a toy piano that he plays on it.

      Maria: Agreed, no force. The only thing I will force them is taking their medicine…. 😀 as of now.

    6. like what Annie said, cultivating interest is important. expose them to music/instrument, if they have interest then let them learn… if not you’ll only waste $ and they’re gonna hate it.