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  • 16 Responses to “Close Encounters”

    1. Wah!!!! Papa’s without his pants!!!!

    2. Has Tracy made the right quess? :P….funny facial expression!

    3. “wah!!!! why don’t I have one of that long thing???”

    4. day i aslo wan to take kids pic on this cute!

    5. Tracy, Egghead: Nope that was not what she saw. Please don’t make this blog as X-rated, hehehe.. :D.

    6. are you using the digital camera the LCD screen can flip to the other side one?
      She saw herself from the screen?

    7. Mummy?

    8. “lower mummy! me want nen-nen!!”

    9. give some tips lah… her mouth open so big, must be FOOD one!

    10. Wah, this angle so nice…hehehe…i want to curi idea liao…
      I think no special bait, Emily is fascinating with the grimace of the photographer.

    11. Mich, actually I wanted to say I was kidding but suddenly the page blinked and I quickly sent my comments. And then I was not able to log in for a while.

      Emily seemed so fascinated over something. Must be something mommy or papa must be holding which she would love to be get her hands (or rather mouth) on. Any prizes for guessing or not?

    12. hehe a new toy for her? or maybe mcdonalds food 😛

    13. michelle said on

      Maria, Mumsgather, Huisia, Jazzmint: Nope.

      Sharon: Erghhh..hehe, I wean her off breastmilk already.

      Tracy: Prize? A piece of what she is having… 😛 Opps, too late, she finished it liao.

      Annie: Spot on!! What else can make my Emily open her mouth wide wide??!!

    14. long thing is X-rated meh??
      so many things in the world are long 😛
      michelle’s mind is X-rated lah :PbPbPb

    15. wah… dint see this pic… logged into this page and saw your food right away… then after reading your blog, scroll down… WAHHHH!!!! such blissful face leh….

    16. Jessie…

      Usefull post. I learned so much. Thank you….