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      I didn’t know that food-poisoning can spread or contagious, until recently. The food poisoning germs that was manifested can pass from one person to another through dirty hands, saliva shared utensils or the vomit of a person.

      Last Sunday (11 Dec): Hubby ate Kuew Teow Th’ng. He was feeling uneasy and vomited a few times. He went to see the doc because he looked really bad. Doc told him he got a mild gastric and gave him MC to rest the next day.

      My son had a mild case, he lost his appetite, didn’t want his dinner. I gave him some ice cream so that at least his stomach has something to digest. He happily ate it all up. He also had some pizza bread. He also vomited once at night. However next morning he was fine.

      Monday: Hubby slowly recovering but a little week. He lost his appetite and he only had plain porridge.

      Tuesday: Emily’s babysitter told me that my gal threw up twice. As for me, after I had KFC for dinner, I had bad ingestion and heart burn. I took some anti-acid. While Emily was playing in the room, she suddenly told mummy “pain pain” and she threw up again on the mattress. I had to clean her and the change all the mattress sheets. Fortunately I have a spare mattress. Later, I took both of them down to watch some cartoon before sleep so that I can have a bit of rest. Again, Emily threw the second time on the sofa. 😥 I had to clean the sofa and I was unwell. Clean all up and send them all to bed.

      Wednesday: I had fever the next day. I took Emily to the paed and myself to the doctor. The paed asked me “Your husband medicine didn’t work on you?” since I told her I was having food poisoning. I never thought of taking my hubby’s medicine. :sc: Anyway, I got MC from my doctor, not the paed.

      Friday: I saw my babysitter and she was really pale. She told me that she vomited and is having fever. She got it. I told her on Wednesday, the paed said to be careful as the food poisoning germs in Emily can spread since she has children of her own.

      Lets hope the germs will stop spreading. :hand:

      Published on December 10, 2005 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    10 Responses to “The Spread”

    1. exactly same as my family last time le! It really will spread to other, me the one who spread!
      hope all of u recover soon ya!

    2. Need to wash hand indeed after touching the draffy, even just changing the diaper also easily to spread the germs out. Good ventilation can help?

    3. Ya, viral infection can lead to food poisoining and it is contagious.

      When my girl recovered from vomiting and diarrhea, daddy got it! And after daddy recovered, my turn for the diarrhea but my case wasn’t that bad; only lasted for one day otherwise I might be able to lose more weight…:P

      Hope everyone have fully recovered!

    4. Huh? Food poisoning again? I still remember Mr. Loong and u had food poisoning after having food from a foodstall before, rite?

      I came to know about the food poisoning ‘disease’ is contagious thru Destinee’s paed when she was contacted with food poisoning during her time with her babysitter. Nearly everyone in the babysitter’s family was having diarrhoea and were vomiting except the nanny herself. Destinee slowly was contacted too. So, when I took her to her paed, she asked me whether anyone in the family was having diarrhoea or vomiting or not and I told her dat Des’s nanny’s family were contacted. And from there I know dat diarrhoea can be contagious.

      Do give ur family lots of water for fear of dehydration. 100 Plus will help too.

      Hope to hear the recovering news from u. Take Care!

    5. My goodness…whole week, poor mommy, taking care of the kids and a big baby.
      Will be more careful after read your post, never in my mind that diarrhea can spread.

      Hope you and family have speedy recovery.

    6. I heard there’s the virus going on.. lots of people in KL got it as well.. Hope all of you are well and fully recovered!!

    7. Everyone: Thanks all, we conquer the viral infection!!! My family fully recovered. :jump:

    8. Good to know that u & family have recovered! :jump: :jump: :jump:

      I din know that food poisoning is contagious…. thanks for the info!! :jump:
      Will be careful… :jump: :jump:

      U poor thing! not feeling well, somemore have to take care the family….

    9. poor thing!
      but this things will pass lah… make you all stronger 🙂

    10. Hubby had fever and purging recently and it had infected Keith. Keith had fever and was purging for almost 2 weeks. Luckily, he was okay. Paed said as long as he’s active, it’s ok.Pity u lar. Had to take care of them while u r sick as well.