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    • Battlefield

      Time: Sat 10 Dec. 2030 hours.
      Mission: Get son to keep toys.
      Place: Home.
      Weapons: Cane & Patience.
      Opponent’s Weapons: Cry & Stubbornness.
      Situation: Toys everywhere in the room.
      Period: 60 minutes.


      My son refused to keep his toys after playing. Mummy got frustrated and send warning signal to him. He didn’t budge. He stood near the door wanting to go downstairs to watch Mickey Mouse cartoon before going to bed and chanting “He Want! He Want! He Want!. Mummy took the cane and whack only once. It made the situation worst, he cried even louder. No sign of moving his hands to the toys. I know the cane didn’t help, threw it away, else next morning you see my picture in the headlines under child abuse section.

      Next move, mummy dimmed the lights and pretend to sleep. He still stood at the door crying. Mummy sent out another signal “You keep toys first and you can go watch Mickey Mouse.” He still didn’t move. It went on for more than 45 minutes. He cried so much, till Emily go to him and sayang him. Emily helped him to keep a few toys.

      Last move, mummy switch off all the lights. He cried louder and he stopped. I heard toys going into the basket. He kept all his toys in the dark. I took him downstairs to watch his cartoon and he went to bed with a happy smile.


      Published on December 11, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting, Timothy;

    14 Responses to “Battlefield”

    1. wahh.emily so good help tim somemore!! Mommy very stern…i hope i have the heart as strong as you too when comes to discipline

    2. We also have this type of battlefield at home…. same strategy and weapons!!! :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump:

    3. 45mins cried, u really patience.

    4. so harsh meh? don’t like that lah… so pity to read about it already 🙁
      use negotiation mah 😛

    5. wow, u really strict hor, some more can tahan the crying so long!
      Me helpless in discipline wien, heart too soft…daddy do the discipine job, if she simply place her toys, then daddy will threw in dustbin ( he really did it wor). So this poor girl hv to keep her toys in proper place after playing..hehe

    6. Jazzmint: Your turn will come. 😛

      Rachel: Not 45 mins of crying, got stop in between. In between he ask me for water :lol:, which I gave.

      Egghead: I did use negotiation but he was too sturborn. I told him, keep toys first then we go down to watch TV. Somehow he didn’t want.

      Jess: That is throwing money away. 😛

    7. Children can really get on parents’ nerves. I think every parent will have the experience of having ‘battlefields’ with their children. I, for one, am one of them. But Destinee is always scared of the cane. I had only whacked her once (quite serious) and from then onwards, I don’t have to use the cane on her anymore, I just have to reach for it, she’ll quickly obey but not without some whinings and ‘grumblings’ first.

      But at last Tim did give in and obeyed to ur orders. But deep inside, u did feel heartache, didn’t u? Sometimes we have to show our ‘colours’, else they’ll be climbing onto our heads and really need a lot of patience to have them ‘trained’ too.

    8. When I read thru the posting, I do feel heartache for Tim. I beat my girl’s thigh using my own hand also made me heartached and quilty, never dare to try cane. So pity Tim, cried for 45 mins! But he is very persistence, a positive word for the stubborn personality.

      Emily so cute, able to help kor kor when he needed the help! 🙂

    9. Michelle, your Emily is soo adorable… I thought I was cruel but then you lagi cruel…

      Jeriel, thanks goodness up to know no need to cane yet…He knows Papa and Mummy don’t like toys and books everywhere…Everytime, he finish we remind him to keep books back to the shelves (even though he don’t know how to put back properly at least he will just put and mummy will rearrange later), toys back to his toys corner (later mummy or papa have to rearrange) and repark his bicycle at his ‘Bicycle Parking Lot’…

      Hopefully he will continue to be like that…..sometimes he do tear both of us apart….

    10. 60 minutes? I think I will gone nut liao!

      my trick–get a clean dustbin, same with the one their throw nappy wan, tell them if they don’t keep the toy, I throw it away (in the clean one).

      but then my girls only three lar, still can bluff bluff a bit, your Tim…don’t think it will work lar.

    11. I really appreciated your patience, if for me, sure not only whack once…

    12. So cute..Emily go sayang koko and help him keep toys also.Good girl..We have to be patient and stubborn to them especially in this kinda situation. I’ll do that too..Hehe..I dislike messy room.

    13. Everyone: You just have to be cruel stern once. Now whenever I ask him to keep toys, he will do it right away. Let’s hope it stays for a long long time.

    14. This happend everyday in my house. I also got a sturborn son, he also dunwan keep toys n still asked us buy toys. Then at the end, Carol (twins 1) go n help to keep all the toys or my MIL said later they sleep then you go keep lor..haiz, how to teach when go another helper??? 1+2dad more worst, he said no need keep lar, later they sleep i’ll keep or you keep the end i’m the one who keep all the toys.