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      Christmas is not about Santa Claus.
      Christmas is not about Exchanging of Gifts.
      Definitely Christmas has nothing to do with Christmas Tree.

      Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour who gave up his divine glory and came to earth to be born in a manger. He came even though he knew he would suffer and die so that he could save us. We who are filthy with sin and we broke off the relationship with God. We do not deserve his sacrificial love for us. Yet he came and gave us new life. Those who believe will be redeem by him and have eternal life with God. He has given us a reason to live, a new meaning to life. Those out there, who are reading this, do think about the true meaning of Christmas.

      Have a blessed Christmas and this song is dedicated to you. Of all the Christmas song, I love this one:

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      We Were The Reason

      As little children
      We would dream of Christmas morn
      Of all the gifts and toys
      We knew we’d find
      But we never realized
      A baby born one blessed night
      Gave us the greatest gift of our lives

      We were the reason
      That He gave His life
      We were the reason
      That He suffered and died
      To a world that was lost
      He gave all He could give
      To show us the reason to live

      As the years went by
      We learned more about gifts
      The giving of ourselves
      And what that means
      On a dark and cloudy day
      A man hung crying in the rain
      All because of love, all because of love

      I’ve finally found the reason for living
      It’s in giving every part of my heart to Him
      In all that I do every word that I say
      I’ll be giving my all just for Him, for Him

      He is my reason to live

      Published on December 24, 2005 · Filed under: Christianity, Information, Parenting, Special Day Event;

    10 Responses to “Christmas”

    1. In my church, we don’t countdown for the coming of Christmas, we dismiss the gathering before 12am, but Christmas day like commercialized day, people gathering (despite non-Christian or Christian) at roadsides, pubs or discos to have madness countdown party. It would like offend the holiness of the true meaning of Christmas. Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone and may God bless you all the time wherever you are!

    2. Just dropping by to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you..

      Will come back to read your posts later.

    3. nice song. yeah, the true meaning of christmas is often lost. we constantly need to be reminded of it.

    4. Yes, that song really is meaningful. I first heard it quite a while ago, I think in some camp or sketch that we did at my church and it really stuck on. Too many people forget what Xmas is all about, especially when we r caught up with all the pressies and stuff. It’s good to remember how it all came about

    5. Hmm… Christmas as well as other festive season being more and more commercialise now a day, it is good to have your post to remind us the true meaning of Christmas :).

    6. That is my favourite song….!!!!

    7. Merry X’mas and welcome back to Msia.

    8. this has always been one of my favourite songs….

    9. Happy to know so many Christian sisters around. :clap: :dance:

    10. Christmas = Holiday = Quality time with family = 🙂