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    • New Year

      The years really passed very fast. My children are growing up too fast. Last year was like just yesterday. When those 2 came into the world, it is so small and fragile. Now they are running around. I am getting old but still young at heart. 😥

      My achievements:

      1998 – Relocate to Penang.
      2000 – Got Married.
      2002 – First Son born.
      2004 – First Daughter born.
      2006 – ?? (Nope, no more children)

      Emily grows up very fast. Now she is able to tell mummy to move away. I was in my study room working on the computer. She walked, looked up and said “move move” using her hand gesture. She wanted to sit on mummy’s chair. She climbed up and sat there. She can speak quite a lot of words but refuse to call mummy. See how she eats apple:

      Next year, my son will be 4. He speaks Cantonese like “Ang Mo Jai”. Funny, he likes to eat lemon. We went to Bukit Tambun to have seafood. It is the best place to have cheap seafood. I ordered Oysters and it came with lemon. He took the lemon and squeezed it with his teeth. He likes to eat oranges too but I seldom give him because after eating, he will cough.

      Off Topic: Cheap Bukit Tambun Seafood.

      For 6 adult and 2 children:
      1 plate of pointy spiky shell
      2 big egg crab – Sweet & Sour Sauce
      6 fried soft shell crab
      500gm of drunken prawns
      1 plate of fried teow chew noodles
      1 plate of fried toong fun
      1 plate of fired tau fu
      1 plate of mixed vegetables
      8 pieces of fried “mang tau”
      1 pot of chrysanthemum tea
      Plain rice
      Cost: 125++

      Map to Bukit Tambun:

      There will be sign board showing you to Bukit Tambun after you pass the Bukit Tambun Toll. It is really easy. Don’t go to the first restaurant you see, as you drive inner through a narrow road, you will see plenty of seafood restaurant. The usual one that I often go is Prawn Village.

      So much for food, here wishing you a

      :dance: Happy New Year!!! :dance:

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    11 Responses to “New Year”

    1. hehe..we hv same achievement on bb born year!!
      Happy New Year to u & your family too..

    2. Ya time passed so fast, Alvan now is 3mths+ and started cooing…kids grow really fast..
      Happy New Year to you and family.

      p/s: eik, u tempted me the Bukit Tambun seafood (yummy yummy)..:D

    3. The Bukit Tambun seafood is real cheap! Where is Bukit Tambun?

      Last few years when our company having warehouse sales at Butterworth, we had our seafood dinner at one famous restaurant at Butterworth, very nice but can’t remember the place and the name of the restaurant.

      Happy New Year to you and your family!

    4. Emily can eat the whole apple? Dat’s good. Tim likes lemon? Eeeee… so sour. Destinee loves oranges too, either sweet or sour.

      Wow! RM125++ for so many dishes, with oysters, prawns and crabs and for 6 adults. Cheap lor. Where can get in KL?

      I’ve heard of Tambun biscuits but Bukit Tambun …. where?

    5. wow that’s super cheap!!!! next year achievement, send emily to nursery :)…happy new year to u too….

    6. Happy New Year to your family!
      Emily so smart to eat the apple, my Joshua still doesn’t know how to eat the full apple, everytime need me to cut into pieces for him.

    7. Bkt Tambun is in the mainland?

      Wah, the way Emily eats an apple is like a pro la. How old is she? You have to update your profile pix already. B’cos I kept thinking she’s still a crawler based on that pix (6, 7mths), but actually big girl ler.

    8. Happy New Year to all of you…

    9. here’s wishing you and your family a great 2006….Happy New Year!!

    10. Btw, just to wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

    11. Everyone: Happy New Year!!!

      Zara’s mama: Yes Bkt Tambun is in the mainland. Hehehe, sorry for the picture, I chose that picture because it brings laughter to the blog. She is 1.5+ yrs old.