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      My company reception ping me to say there is a registered package for me. I bought something special for my little helper Emily. A mom who has a pair of very creative hands made it. The package was nicely wrapped too.

      Here is it. If you like it and you want to order, go here.

      Dedicated to Twinsmom.

      Published on January 13, 2006 · Filed under: Craft, Emily, Gift, Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Special Package”

    1. Will Tim snatch from Emily later? He might complain mummy only sayang mei mei le…

    2. same packaging I got… in envelope 🙂

    3. Twinsmum is good huh? And she even takes the pain to wrap it up nicely!

      Btw, Emily very pretty and cute! Are you pinning this to her crib or pillow?

    4. yee… thank you to blog about this small little thing :D.

      Ya wor… wander will Tim snatch it? or too girly Tim doesn’t want?

    5. wahh…so nice leh…got a baby brooch kekeke…