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      In my life time, I had 2 unplanned stayed the hospital. Once was 12 years ago and this year. Oh, I couldn’t remember whether I was hospitalise when I was small, I think I did, just couldn’t remember how old I was. However after 5 years old, there wasn’t any until I was 24.

      At 24, it was a frightening experience. I was visiting the doc on my problem, next thing he told me that I needed to go under a few test. At the end of the test, the doctor told me I need to be dissected go for a surgery. I almost fainted because I didn’t know what to do. He didn’t give me anytime to think. He asked me to come in tomorrow for the surgery. Anyway, it was not as frightening as I thought it was.

      This year, last week, I had to check in because of my eye infection. Fortunately there is no surgery. Doctor just wanted to apply eye drop every hourly for my eye and keep me under supervision. She also didn’t give me time to think, just admitted me in the same day. However she provided me wad leave. Wad leave is where I can return home at the end of the day but still check in. I had to do that because of my children.

      Of coz, there are 2 planned hospital stayed where I have my 2 lovely children. I am keeping my finger cross that I do not need to check into the hospital after 12 years. :pray:

      Published on March 21, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Hospital”

    1. hehe… as long as you are OK 🙂

    2. So? you eye OK already or not? as long is being treated, admit to hospital also no choice lor.

      I had been admited to hospital countless of time liao, until hubby also quite use to it already, i think more than 6 times since I met him, poor guy.

    3. I had 1 unplanned (guess is in primary one, stomach pain) & 2 planned (for my girls).
      Not really hospital smell ler..

    4. Have your eye fully recovered?

      I have one plan hospital stay to deliver my sweet darling. 🙂

    5. michelle said on

      Everyone: Yeah my eye is ok now, can see. Need time to fully recover as it is very dry. Just realised that I don’t have to pay for follow up visits and medication because I was admitted. All absorb by insurance. 😎

    6. Hey, take care and get well completely soon. I had one hospital stay ( apart from deliverylah) where I was admitted for denggi. Still alive today!

    7. Glad to hear you are better now. I too had an admission for Denggi. 😛 So I am immune to mozzie….haha!