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      I have a very fun childhood. I stayed in a very happening place in KL. Have a guess where I stayed? I stay in a 3 storeys flat. Below the flat, there is the famous “pan mee” (flour noodle). I believe Pan Mee originated from there. They started selling 26 years ago.

      Up in the flat, there is an open rooftop where I can go up to play. I played hopscotch and high jump up there. It is like a playground, of coz there is no grass, slides or sea saw. My sister and brother will go up there to play badminton. Once the shuttlecock felt over and went on top of someone’s soup. We ran and hide ourselves. Fortunately no one came up to scold us.

      By the way, we are so creative that we played football in the house, where the doors were the goal post and living hall was the open field. We were careful and never broke anything. Sometimes, we used the window that has grill as our goal post. Whoever managed to shoot the ball at the grill, scores.

      5-10 mins away, there is also a “wai sek kai” (Food Street). It has been relocated now. Not sure where. My family used to have supper there or ask my godfather to pack us supper. My favourite was half boil “see hum” (shellfish). Fortunately I didn’t get any hep. It is eaten with the garlic chilli and simply delicious. Other than that it has chow kuey tiew, hokkien mee, sotong kankung, ice kacang, toong sui, lok lok and etc…

      However that area becomes a place for crime, there are drug addicts, aqua, lots of foreigners and robbery. My house was robbed twice. Once the robber was tailgating my dad. He held a gun at my dad and robbed our place. I was asleep, so is my sister and brother. Fortunately they wanted money and didn’t harm any of us. After that, my family decided to move away from that area.

      Published on March 22, 2006 · Filed under: Kuala Lumpur, Myself;

    7 Responses to “Childhood I”

    1. Where is this? Around Chow Kit? Or Pudu? Or Imbi?
      Those were the kind of life huh?
      Now, when your kids grow older, do you thnk you’ll let them play on the rooftop if you have one? I don’t think I will, not if my maid or myself come along.

    2. My guess is either Cheras or Jinjang 🙂

    3. Hubby got his very memorable childhood too, he try to pass them on to his girls now..

      wow, u quite tomboy hor when small! 😆

    4. Sounds like you had a very exciting childhood. :shoot:

    5. hehe.. i used to play guli (marbles), go fishing, etc. when i was young.
      the thought of ur dad being held at gun point and ur house being rob really freaks me out.

    6. MagicTree said on

      Somewhere near Hanku Jaya ( err still exist or not!) in Chow Kit?

    7. michelle said on

      Zara’s mama: The rooftop we have does not have space to play. The rooftop in the flats are different. I probably will not allow them to play alone. At least with me around, they can. I guess my parents have no choice. I will blog about it later.

      Egghead: You are way off man.

      Jess: Totally true, I am a tomboy and refused to wear skirt.

      Mumsgather: And a memorable one, except the robbery.

      Sabrina: At that time I wasn’t really scare. Now to think back, I am.