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    • No Electricity

      Bumma, when I return home from work, no electricity. Sigh. :sc: Tim keep asking me to switch on the TV for him. Told him no power. He didn’t understand. I told him TV has no battery. 😆

      What I dislike about no electricity is that I have no hot water? When you are so used to showering in warm water, the thought of doing it in cold is absolute frightening. Yeah call me pampered. Oh well, the first bucket of water was hard. After that, it was ok. Since there is no electricity, we went to GIANT hypermart to enjoy the air condition there.

      In the car, had a meaningful conversation with Tim.

      Tim: Mummy see Buzz Lightyear (his toy) is tall.
      Mummy: Mummy tall or short?
      Tim: Mummy not strong, cannot pow pow us. (as in carry 2 of them together).
      Tim: Papa strong, can pow pow.
      Mummy: Oh mummy not strong, mummy tall or short?
      Tim: Mummy short. Papa tall.

      I am not strong and short. :eh: Thank goodness, after we return home, we saw Light.

      Published on March 22, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    6 Responses to “No Electricity”

    1. Mommy not strong and short, but smart and loving mah 🙂

    2. MagicTree said on

      Not strong and short but a LOT OF BRAINS.! It’s a real torture without electricity, so hot and lots of mosquitoes. So are you short?

    3. how come not get Tim his Buzz Lightyear?

    4. one day he will know his mommy may be not tall and strong on the outside, but never short of love and weak on courage on the inside 🙂 .

    5. No water, never mind. No electricity?! Like end of the world for me! Dat means no hot shower, no TV, no lights, no air-cond., all place dark … GOSH!

      I always get dat remark from Destinee – mommy short and not strong, pappy tall and strong. Sometimes I get this remark which I hate to hear – mommy’s stomach fat fat … haiya ….

    6. michelle said on

      Jazz, MagicTree, Maria: Thank q, not bad to have a daughter like you.

      Egghead: He is holding one in the car. It talks too.

      Tracy: Only thing I cannot stand is no hot water for shower!! :wall: