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  • 10 Responses to “Funny Video”

    1. aiyoo, why Tim cry like so cham? the way he cry so cute hor, his hands keep rolling the eyes! 😆

      aiyoo, why Emily bo chap kor kor wan?

      Lyon will cry whenever Wien cry..*sigh*

    2. LOL! really cool wor… dun even care or notice someone sitting next to is crying like that… very concentrated on TV I guess 😛

    3. ai yoh… emily really bo-chap him hor? hahaha… funny little siblings.
      err… second thought, emily used to her kor kor cry already?

    4. MagicTree said on

      So cute of Emily, behave like Tim is invisible? If any of my boys cry loudly, the other one will shout “Keep Quiet”.

    5. Looking at Emily’s responses, really made me laugh. Hahahahaha, she’s sooooo cute.

      Wah, Emily’s so hard hearted one ar? Kor kor cried until like dat oso took no notice of him, still enjoyed what she was watching and even yawned. Aiyo. Guess she got fed up of hearing kor kor cries, so it’s a normal scene to her.

    6. Definitely love him very much.. Just like some husbands love their wives. Wives cry until kao-beh-kao-boh also they indifferent. Haha.

    7. haha, funny!

      Emily must be a TV addict or just so used to kor kor’s cry!

    8. michelle said on

      Jess: Hahaha..I didn’t teach Emily to sayang kor kor yet. Now she knows, everytime I ask her to sayang her, she will go kiss him.

      Egghead: Did you see her yawn?!! 😆

      Maria, Jefferene: Emily teach me to do the same with kor kor crying. 😛

      MagicTree: That will be mummy’s line.

      Tracy: I like the yawning part too.

      Zara’s mama: Let’s hope our hubby is not like that.

    9. Earthtone said on

      Hi! Thanks to Twinsmom for sending me this link. what a cute clip and lovely girl ( can’t see kor kor dark dark)

    10. oh so poor thing tim. Emily very steady hor….like nothing happen like that and living in her own BINGO world. hahaha!