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    • Childhood 2

      Yes, I lived in Chow Kit, Lorong Haji Taib 4. Isn’t that an happening place?

      My mother rented 2 rooms out to some sales ladies. All of them are singles and very nice to us. They love to jog to Lake Titiwangsa. I love to follow them. Lake Titiwangsa becomes my hang out place. My sister, bro and I go there for fishing or walk around the park. We dig out life worms from the ground to use as bait. All this was thought to us by my sister. We did catch a few fishes.

      When I was Standard Six, I was thought to take public transport, bus to school for Saturday activity. I used to play netball in school. It is easier to take bus from my house, because the bus station is there. Almost all the mini busses stop there. Once I was returning home, I hope on to a mini bus but I took it on the wrong side of the road. Slept through the whole journey and end up donno where. I couldn’t recognize the place. If you are my parent, you probably will freak out. Last time there was no handphone to call home. I have only 20 sens in my pocket. A bus ticket cost 50 sens. I ask the driver whether he is heading back to Chow Kit, he said yes. I told him I didn’t have enough money. Phew, he told me it is ok. I got back safe and sound. Thank God for watching over me.

      By the way, I started going to Sunday School when I was Standard Six. My school have Sunday School as it was a missionary school. I learn a lot of bible stories from there. It was very helpful as I could take Bible Knowledge as one of the subject. I also joined the girls’ cadet in MBS. Funny I didn’t join the girls’ cadet in my own school. Coming from an all girls’ school, it hard to admire any boys because there aren’t any. It was a very good opportunity with the girls cadet because you can see macho guys playing soccer on Saturday. We played captain ball there with the guys. Yes, I was a very sporty person.

      Oh I miss those days.

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    4 Responses to “Childhood 2”

    1. school days are fun huh! growing up at Chow Kit is really fun wor… seen any “actions” back then?

    2. Should have let you do the School Meme.. let you relive those past! 😛

      Those were the days la.. where ppl are not so corrupted, if it was now.. you don’t have enough passage to take the bus to go home? The driver probably drive you some where and do things to you already.. right or not?

    3. Jesslyn said on

      Your childhood story, brought me back to those day too! I miss those day too!

    4. Now I wish I am still studying…how nice, no worries, just play…. 🙂