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      After reading Zara’s experience on medicine, it inspired me to post this.

      Every child hates to take medicine. When my children first encounter with medicine, they obviously hate it. Often need 2 person to force feed the medicine in. One to hold the child and the other to feed. After a while, either the child gave up the fighting or we as parents master the skill. :clap: I must say both have no problem with medicine. I can pop it into the spoon and they can take it from there.

      A tip with feeding medicine I learnt is that I often use a syringe and I squeeze the medicine at the side of the mouth. That way, the chances of the medicine getting onto the tongue is less and no bad taste or after taste. For really bitter medicine, I prepare 2 syringes, one with the medicine and the other with water. After I pump in the medicine, I will pump the water to quickly wash it down. I ensure that the medicine is flowing by the side and not directly into, to prevent choking. Placing the child lying on high pillow.

      Last week, Emily was down with high fever. The doctor ran out of her usual liquid antibiotic, must have been a lot of children having fever lately. She asked me do I have problem with pills. With pills, of coz you cannot pop it down a child’s throat. I wish, it was that easy. I need to open the capsule to get the powder out, to feed her. The doctor suggested that I mix it into Vitagen for her to sip it down. She warned me that the medicine was very bitter.

      Silly mummy, I followed her advice. I put the powder into Yakult and put back the cap, put the straw in for her to sip. She took 1 sip and she gave it back to me saying “pu yau”. :wall: Now the problem gets worst. How to feed her the entire bottle of Yakult, I cannot syringe it in??!! :sc: I cannot open another capsule to feed her, it will cause overdose. Fortunately, she drinks it all after I put into her favourite cup and spoon-fed her. Hey I should have more confident in my gal.

      Next dose, I just mix water with the powder and use the syringe instead. She has no problem with it. :angel: By the way, never mix bitter medicine in their milk. The child will hate his milk next time.

      Published on March 25, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    13 Responses to “Medicine”

    1. tomorrow I’ll try your method.. But today she seems to be ok with taking her medicine. Because I give her her reward after that.. Ribena. 😛

    2. I also got problem with feeding the medicine but lately my hubby can let them spoon feed. Now no problem feeding the medicine but need to reward them after they eat the medicine.

    3. I used the syringe to feed Destinee with her medicine when she was a baby and it was like hell broke loose. One person, either pappy or my maid had to get hold of her hands and legs and I would ‘shoot’ the medicine into her mouth.

      As she grew, it was easier feeding her. And I don’t know why she loves to take medicine now. Sometimes she even ask my maid to give her ‘ubat’. FYI, she loves to take those chinese medicine too like ‘bo ying tan’ and ‘cheng hok yuin’.

    4. I have problem feeding medicine too when YChing was younger but now is getting better.

      hehe, I dare not try mixing the medicine into Yakult or milk, scared if she reject it, I have more to feed!

    5. It is easier to feed medicine to my kids than ask them to try new foold!

    6. Hui Sia said on

      I prefer spoon feed to Joshua, more easier.
      Your medicine rack kah? So tidy.

    7. difficult in teh beginning, now easy job, like you say we parent master the skill already :P.

    8. Difficult to feed Wien last time, now she like medicine pulak, silly girl!
      Now difficult to feed Lyon, need two person to feed her! :wall:

    9. so many people not feeling well nowadays 🙁
      luckily I have access to medicine everyday… one advantage of working in hospital 😛

    10. Yup agreed with you totaly. My son can taste the slightest difference in his milk and push it back to me. “Not nice” he wld say.

      As with the syringe, I did the same by inserting medicine to the side but he is capable of spitting all out again even all medicine already in his mouth. Just refuse to swallow no matter how much I pujuk him. *sigh* 🙁

    11. michelle said on

      Zara’s mama: I hope it worked.

      1+2 mom: Yeah reward work wonders. Now my son always asks for medicine to get reward. :wall:

      Tracy: Strange hor. :sc:

      Jefferene: Yeah lor, I donno why I listen to the doctor. Syringe is much faster.

      MagicTree: Good for you. 🙂

      Hui Sia: Not my medicine cabinet, it is a borrowed picture.

      Maria: Parent Rules!! :dance:

      Jess: Lyon Rules!!

      Egghead: I also have access to medicine, there is a in house clinic in my company.

      Allyfeel: One strong willed boy you have there.

    12. strange, my son volunteer for medicine when he’s not feeling well, I guess the medicine over here are tasty.. How come it’s different from Malaysia??

    13. Psstttt….. u promoting Tylenol ar? Free advertising…