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      A month ago, I bought some paint, palette and brush for my children to do some painting. I also got a couple of potatoes for printing shapes. I halved the potatoes and make shapes on the surface. They can colour the top surface and make print on the art block. If you want them to get into a mess, you can also do finger painting. Later you can cut it and frame it, to decorate their room. Ensure you buy washable paint, else it will be difficult to come off from their clothes.


      Blue + Red = Purple
      Blue + Yellow = Green
      Red + White = Pink
      Red + Yellow = Orange
      Black + White = Gray

      Have fun!

      The Potatoes:


      Mummy’s ART:

      Published on March 25, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    9 Responses to “Painting”

    1. The last time, I did that with my boys, it didn’t turn up well. Haiya, now I know, cos I didn’t cut the potatoes deep enough and also very kiamsiap, 1 potato divided by 4. Must try again.

    2. Nice!! Both of them enjoyed it?

    3. Wow! No messy work from ur kids after they are done with the painting? I have yet to let Destinee try with the water colour paints. So scared dat my whole place will be painted with her ‘art’. Ooops! I thought the piece of art (so neat and no messy thingy) was done by Tim, only did I realise the title of it … haiya ….

    4. kids pick up things earlier now… I did this only when I was at primary school… LOL!

    5. whao… good skill on curving, the star very nice :D. *sigh*… haven’t dare to start the girls on water colour, I really afraid of cleaning :P.

    6. See your artwork, remind me to post some of Wien’s artwork on water color too!

      They really love it hor!

    7. Nice art work. 😀 Sure to occupy them.

    8. That day i post comment on your blog but dunno why missing..hehe.I had tried, my son love it. We also tried on leave,lady finger and some flower.

    9. I love doing this in my primary school days. I guess I should get Brendan started on this soon……