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    • Sleepless Night

      Yesterday, I don’t know what happen to Emily. She was crying every other hour during the night, until 5am. She was crying for Barney, Buzz Lightyear, want to wee wee, want mummy to remove her diaper. This is the first time she cried in her sleep. :sc:

      Poor me, I am so tired the whole day. Due to lack of sleep, my mind floating in mid air. Worst I have to finish 5 IT contract agreements dateline today. I am so not myself. I can feel myself floating. Strange hor? Some more nearing “Ching Ming”. 😆

      Sorry no blogs today, just some whining. Let’s hope my gals sleep well tonight or I will move her to another room.

      Published on March 28, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    10 Responses to “Sleepless Night”

    1. Huh? Move her to another room for fungshui reason?

    2. She must be watching too much TV la, having nightmare now…
      You so terrible hor move her to another room just becos she cry at night? :naughty:

    3. hmmm… my son was also like that wor last night… but he didn’t cry lah… just kept moving about the bed and keeping us awake 🙁

    4. emm? you superstitious ah? no such thing lar, Emily still got teeth not coming out or not? once in a while this kind of thing will happen lor.

    5. michelle said on

      Everyone: I found out what was her problem. She has itchy rash in her lower body area which the hot stuffy diaper made it worst. I applied some Pureen cream on her, she is fine now and slept like a baby.

      Zara’s mama: Not for fengshui purpose, I don’t believe in that. She is sleeping in my room now. If she cries, she will sleep with me in another room, so that daddy can have a good night sleep. Anyway, problem solved.

      Egghead: Buy a bigger bed.

      Maria: I am not superstitious. Not teething, she got the full set already at age of 1. I found the problem already.

    6. She tried to hint to u when she wanted u to remove her diaper and u didn’t notice the rashes? She didn’t scratch? Aiyo, poor Emily. Next time should show ur mommy where u are uncomfortable then mommy will know.

    7. michelle said on

      Tracy: Mummy not very alert when it is 3-4am at night.

    8. em? what was the problem? care to share?

      so fast, 1st year got the whole set of teeth! my Isabelle only got full set when she reach 30 months!!!! orang malas, menang gigi pun malas.

    9. michelle said on

      Maria: Rash problem.

    10. I can perfectlt understand how you feel. So zombie… usually my mind will only have the image of a “BED”. 😛