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      Jess wrote the whole meme in Chinese which I cannot read but she tagged me in English. How nice of her? I thought I have bore you all with my childhood story, now Jess wants more. So here goes.

      How many schools did I go to?
      1. Kindergarten at MBS Kindy
      Sorry I forgot what was the name of the kindergarten. Why MBS? Because my parents can pick me and my brother together.

      2. Primary schools in BBGS (I)
      The most memorable moment of my primary school days was in Std 1. My teacher was one fierce lady. When she scolds, you can hear her a mile away. She loves asking students to recite the times table. She caused one of my classmates to pee in front of the class because she was frightened by her. I was afraid of her, so very afraid that my face and neck was RED. She came to me, saw me and I thought she will pick me to recite the timetable. She asked me whether I was having measles. I told her I don’t know. She asked me to go and rest in the sick bed area. 😎

      The primary school is divided into 2, School I and School II. One will be held in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Towards mid of the year, we will switched. I am from School I. Both schools are general enemies. We do things to annoy each other. Somehow when we go to secondary school, when both combine, we became friends.

      3. Secondary school in BBGS
      I didn’t do well in Form 1 & 2 but I did fantastic after that. The funny thing is I did so poorly in Form 2 that the class teacher always picks on me. Most of the time, I wasn’t paying attention in class. She said no medicine can help me. Anyway she became my class teacher in Form 3. Oh no! Somehow I got interested in studies, don’t ask me why. I was the top of the class for all terms. She just couldn’t believe it.

      I was a school librarian. Not that I like books but just like the air conditioning. I am a sporty person, took up a few sports like netball, volley ball and hockey. I was also the president of Chess Club and a school player for Chess, won a couple of Gold Medals there. I love going to other schools for competitions.

      One crazy thing happens to my history teacher. She slept in the School Library at a corner couch. The couch is almost hidden by the tall shelf. The librarians locked up the library without knowing she was still sleeping there. I was returning home late that day. I had to get the guard to open the door for her to get out. 😆

      I love my school because it has so many activities. Every year we have food sale, make food to sell, to raise money to maintain the school, extend the library and got a school buys for excursion. One year, we bought paint and painted a few class rooms.
      However my school is famous for being strict. We have a book full of rules. We have to speak English on Tuesday and BM on Monday and Wednesday. Any other language beside English and BM is not allowed. We also have to take turns to clean the toilet and classrooms. We cannot rock the chair when we sit. We must greet the teacher when we see them.

      I was so sad when I heard the government was going to demolish the school. Our school history, name, spirit and physical place totally gone, demolished. 🙁

      4. High School in Randwick Girls School in NSW Australia
      I didn’t know which, why, what or how I end up in a Public School in Australia. I applied for it through the Australia Embassy and they accepted me. I had to pay AUD100 for school fees for entire year. School text books were loan from the school with no charged. I did pretty well especially in Maths. I scored 97 in Maths.

      5. University of New South Wales Australia
      I got accepted into the University of New South Wales Australia with a scholarship to do Bachelor of Science, Computer Science. Of coz I still have to foot out my accommodation and food expenses. I found work in the University in the computer lab. It was good money. AUD10 per hour. I did 20 hours worth of work, per month. In my final year, I did tutoring in the University. In this job, I tutor, mark assignments and exam papers. I was tutoring some of the students who were in the same year as me. Pretty cool. It taught me public speaking. I earned a fair bit from there. Imagine for every 1 hour, I get AUD20.

      I love the Uni days. Most of my subjects are Maths. First time in my life, there were boys in my school. 😯 I knew alot of people from many countries. Most of the time, I selected afternoon and evening lectures so that I can sleep in. I pick up cooking while I was there. I have to cook my own meals. The most I love is the beaches, you can see macho guys surfing.

      Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?
      I was a last min hero, I would say. I will try to study smart. I have poor memory too, so I practically do not do well in the subject called history. A tip I learned from studying is to do lots of past years exams paper.

      Was I the class ‘taiko’ (big bully) or the teachers’ pet?
      Neither. I was generally a friendly person. :angel:

      What was the biggest rule I broke in school?
      I practically hate prefects and dislike them. Some of them have double standards. I must say I outsmart them in lots of ways. In my school, if you come late to school, the prefect will stand at the gate to catch the late comers. If I am late, I will be very late. By that time, the prefects will return to class. When I turned up, I will walk to class without my bag. The bag will be parked somewhere outside. If the teacher or prefect asked me, I told them that I was in the toilet or held up by another teacher. Later after the first lesson ends, I will go pick up my bag. It works all the time.

      Three subjects I enjoyed
      Maths & Add Maths – I just love solving problems. My maths exercise books are very popular. It travels around the class.

      Chemistry – I love doing the experiments, especially solving what chemical components are in the solution.

      Three teachers that I remembered
      Miss Moey – She was not my teacher but she inspires me a lot. She remembered my name even though I am not her student. She always has very encouraging words of wisdom. She is full of zealousness for the Lord. She always asks me how I was whenever she sees me.

      Mrs Chew – She was my Modern Maths & class teacher. I will not say she inspires me but she is one funny teacher. Once she came into the class and say “Selamat Hari Raya” instead of “Selamat Pagi”. We burst out with laughter. Another time she taught us half way, she rushed out. We thought what happen to her. She told us that she had a tummy upset when she returned.

      Mrs Wales Tan – She was my Add Maths & Physics teacher. She promoted me to the top class and gave me encouraging words to succeed.

      How come no questions on those teachers who annoyed me? I have a long long list. :sc:

      The list of the next victims are:
      1. Tracy – I bet you have lots to tell us.
      2. Allyfeel – I want to know more about you.
      3. Jazzmint – Since we go to the same school, want to hear your side of the story.

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    12 Responses to “School Days”

    1. Wah.. another BBGS girl.. BBGS strict? You never studied in Kuen Cheng before ler..

      But you so smart.. get scholarship and can do tutoring!! Phew Wheet! Cool.. So you didn’t meet your husband in university?

    2. u really good hor, can earn money while study!

    3. wah lau… go to all the girls school!

    4. hah… BBGS is the English version of Kuen Cheng, or vice versa :D.

      You was one of those student I admire during school time — good on math. I admires my classmate a lot, how they solve the complicated math on the black board, I just sit there whoo and owww.

      hahaha… but the way you out smart the prefect also a classic :lol:, I think the prefect must want to :shoot: you if they know this.

      I saw the wording and graphic on the fencing, BBGS is going to be another shopping mall in the future.

      same as Kuen Cheng, the old main building (red bricks) is going to demolish in few years time in the future, because of lack of space, also the building too old to get it fix (the cost to fix is more than the cost to build a new building).

    5. Alamak! Got tagged by u. Goodess, my school days were ages and ages ago. Got to crack my rusty brain liao. Give me some time, okay?

    6. oh boy, lately the blogger mama is really into school day and how well you all did, all very pandai pandai students… People like me 😮 😯 mana boleh compare…tak boleh tahan, very pressure 😆 😆
      when it’s my turn man, See, twinsmom, what have you done, put me in this sittuation.. :pray:
      Michelle. You sure another one Pandai student..

    7. how come the emoticons not working on my comment???

    8. michelle said on

      Zara’s mama: Kuen Cheng is more strict? And I thot I had it bad. Nope my hubby is not in the same uni as me.

      Jess: What to do, me poor mah…

      Egghead: Sigh, don’t rub it in!

      Maria: Yeap, I had my chance of showing my bum to the whole class. Opps, I mean solving maths on the big board. 😆

      Tracy: Take your time. I am sure all the memories will come back.

      Blogie-talkie: Welcome. Just fix your emoticons. You just have to type :icon: to show the emoticons. Replace the word icon with the name of the emoticons.

    9. Wow, you sure remember a lot. I just hope no one tags me on this subject coz I was so blur during school days that I really can’t remember much details. Really! Can only remember Miss Yap 😛

    10. bo hoho…kena tag pulak!! OK lah, will try to do this up this week.

      I miss school days alot mann…

      haha..i think i can remember, sue was a cheerleader or someting in our school?? Lemme go dig out the old school mag 😛

    11. whoa…so smart ler you, got shcolarship… I can only dream. 😛 I will try my best to recall and do the school meme.

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