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      What handbag? I don’t carry one. Weird right? Ever since a snatch thief rob me of my big fat purse. He came from behind while I was daydreaming or my mind is on another planet. I yelled after he snatched my purse. The postman coming in my direction saw, but he didn’t take action. He pretended not to know. 😑

      The wallet only had RM20 in it, but my identity was lost. Opps I meant identity cards, credit cards and ATM cards. The task of cancelling the cards, making a police report and re-applying all the cards again is a lot of hassle. The police told me many cases happen at that area and yet nothing is done. I bet you came across lots of cases, life lost due to handbag snatcher on the street.

      Now I decided to travel light. What do I carry? A small wallet that holds everything and what is in it. See for yourself.

      The WALLET:



      The rest are myKad, driving license, name cards, 2 doc appt cards and 1 coffee bean card. That’s it!

      Published on May 17, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting, Tag;

    15 Responses to “Handbag”

    1. jesslyn said on

      but then where did u store your wallet?
      my hubby keep nagging me not to carry handbag too, but not all my dress have pocket wor and i did not wear pants everyday too! πŸ˜€

    2. wahh…that’s really simple. hmm..lemme guess, u always wear pants, so masuk pants, if go office will be in laptop bag hehe….

    3. My hubby nag me too many times for carrying the sling bag. But I can’t just carry a wallet like you coz I can easily left my wallet and lost.

    4. How I wish I can do like what u are doing. Just carry a wallet and no other ‘rubbish’. Nay, I don’t think I can do so, I need to carry all my ‘rubbish’. Not only dat, I’ve another office bag – haiya, more rubbish inside.

    5. michelle said on

      Jess: Answers in Jasmine’s comment.

      Jazzmint: So clever one, what milk powder you drink ah. πŸ˜†

      Jeff: One time, i didn’t carry anything. If I want money, just ask my hubby. :p

      Tracy: Sometimes my little wallet also got rubbish, ATM chits, coupons…when it grew fat and cannot fit in my pant’s pocket. It is time for me to clear it.

    6. Oh ya, was wondering if u don’t carry a handbag, where do u keep ur handphone and keys? U can’t carry ur laptop bag along when u are shopping mar.

    7. michelle said on

      Tracy: House keys in the car, Car keys in my left pocket, handphone in my right pocket and wallet in my back pocket. 😎

    8. hey, u just act like a men lar! πŸ˜†
      hubby ask me do that way too but too bulky for me ler, everything inside the pant!!!
      wei, never left car key in car ler, what if one day lupa lock car, then everything gone, how??

    9. Good! I am a jeans or cargo pants person too, the card holder I carry always in my pocket, the bag only have water bottle, and other stuff.

    10. michelle said on

      Jess: Yeah no lipstick, no tissue, no cosmetics in my wallet..:lol: It is already in me to take the key out of the ignition and put it in my pocket. Take Tim and Emily out, and put my hand into pocket to lock the car. For my car, I need the keys to lock the car.

      Maria: Hi 5, we are the same kind.

    11. Wah.. so many credit cards one!!
      How do you carry the kids’ things?

    12. wah, if i ask my hubby to read this, sure he said: see, why other ppl can make it but not u?? just wear pants lar.. πŸ˜₯

    13. michelle said on

      Zara’s mama: I do have a separate knapsack if I am taking the children out. Mainly I bring 2 bottle of water and a hanky. As your child grows up, I have fewer things to carry.

      Where got so many? Only 3, 1 visa, 1 master and 1 corporate card for company purchases.

      Jess: You tell him, you marry me not them. Different ppl is different mah.

    14. Errr..where do you keep you keys, pad, tissue, etc…like all of us leh??

    15. What happen if no pockets around your suit? How you hold your key?