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    • Over The Hedge II

      The children

      Amazing, both Emily and Tim enjoyed it. Emily had her own seat, because a couple of my colleague last minute couldn’t make it. The tickets came with free popcorn, coke and nuggets. Tim and Emily had 1 box of popcorn each. Tim enjoyed it very much, he did made the remark that Maria commented “Wah mummy see, big big TV”. As for Emily, towards the middle, she got out of her chair and tried climbing back up, a few times. She did not make any noise or cry. She even took off her diaper without taking off her shoes and pants. :sc: I had to take out her shoes and pants, to put it back on. Don’t ask me how I did that, it was tough. Towards the end, both were very focus on the movie because that was when all the action came on. The cinema was spacious as it was a premier class hall.

      We continue with lunch and a bit of shopping. Later Tim had a bit of tummy upset because he finished the whole box of popcorn. Emily was tired as she refused to walk and sat on the floor of the shopping mall. 😯 That was the signal to go home. Both slept in the car.

      The movie

      It was filled with action and great for the children. It has as much action as Toy’s Story. It is about a raccoon RJ that got into trouble for stealing all the food that belongs to a big huge bear. He was caught and all the food was destroyed. The big bear gave him until full moon to get all those food back for him. On the other hand, there is this family of animals headed by a tortoise named Vern, who lives in the woods but part of it was fully developed into a housing estate. The woods were separated by a Hedge. The family woke up from hibernating and found out there is no food left. These hungry animals were curious what is over the Hedge. RJ befriended them and took them over the Hedge to look for food that they never tasted before. Of coz there is the danger of humans and the Verminator. Find out for yourselves what happen next. I give it 4/5. :good: It was humorous too! My favourite cartoon among all is hammy, the squirrel, he is very funny. He made a remark and say “Hey I can burp the alphabets, A B C…”.

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    10 Responses to “Over The Hedge II”

    1. wah… sound so interesting… included the popcorn LOL… here showing in the IMAX as well, thinking of bring the twins to watch IMAX, wah… I got excited liao…

    2. Maria: You should, I am sure they love it!

    3. I also want to bring Carter go lor. He also didnt been to cinema b4, i think it’s time to let us back watch movie in cinema.

    4. wow they both survived!!! Cool…it must have been a good movie for to get their attention for 1.5 hours. And why did Emily took off her diaper :naughty:

    5. dear, yesterday I watched the show with my co-worker too. After the show, I had a feeling both Tim and Emily will sit down and enjoy the whole show, just like when they watch Toy Story at home. btw, there were more kids than adults in the cinema here.

    6. michelle said on

      1+2 mom: And blog all about it. 😀

      Jazzmint: Yes! There will be more movies for them, Tim has been asking me already. As for the diaper, too hot kuah. :wall:

      Hubby: So nice hor, watch without the children. Next time, we will bring them to see more movies. 🙂

    7. really need to find time to go liao!

    8. Sounds lovely. I haven’t tried bringing the kids to a cinema before.

    9. wow.. not bad outing for the kids..

      Looks like you can bring both for more movie watching already.

    10. sounds great. I wonder whether keith would sit with me in the cinema throughout the whole show.hehe