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    • Family Vacation II

      We embarked the ship in Singapore and head to check in to our hotel in Chinatown.


      We got a dirt cheap hotel in Duxton Rd, near Chinatown called Berjaya Hotel. My hubby’s friend is a Berjaya Vacation Club Member. He sold 3N to us for RM80 per night. I asked the front desk how much it cost for an extra bed, he told me with 15% additional charges it cost SGD50, more expensive that the room. :sc: However the room size is just nice but a queen size bed. Daddy long legs have difficulty fitting in.

      The hotel is a near to MRT stations and Chinatown. I took a stroll in Chinatown to get some cheap souvenirs while my children were having a nap with daddy. I bought 2 nice Chinese blouse.

      Clarke Quay

      We took MRT to Clarke Quay for a stroll. Beautiful night view. We dine by the river. I ordered Peking duck, something I miss for a long time. The food in Singapore has improved tremendously. I believed they imported quite a lot of overseas chef. There were a lot of varieties of food to choose from.

      Duck Tour

      We went to Suntex City for a duck tour. From the picture you can tell why it is called a duck tour. Basically it is a boat that can travel on land and river, like a duck. It took us around the Singapore River, we can see the Merlion, the Theatre on the Bay (MIL called it The Durian), Singapore City Skyline, City Hall and Supreme Court. There is a guide to tell us all about Singapore. At the end of it, he will give out a duck whistle (sound more like a fart rather than a quack) if anyone could answer his question.

      By the way, I knew what his first question was, so I won a duck whistle for Tim. The question was, Where is papa merlion? The answer is the title of my next title.

      We also got to taste the Singapore “new water”, recycle water from the sewage. My children love it because the bottle has a picture of a duck and they think it is duck water. It has some kind of taste, maybe it was psychological.

      Sentosa Island

      We are tourist right, so next spot will be Sentosa Island. Tim was very excited about the cable car. I thought he will be afraid but he was fascinated when he was on it. I was a little phobia on the height. He saw the cable car souvenirs sticker and next thing, he asked us to buy from him. It cost SGD7.90 and we didn’t get any. :giggles:

      I got some discounted tickets from Matta Fair that cover return cable car rides, sky tower, butterfly farm, 4D Magix, Images of Singapore, Cinemania, Merlion, and Images of Singapore.

      The images of Singapore improved with meaningful story line about how Singapore was formed. It has a magical show in the beginning. It was very well done.

      The underwater world was just ok. I was so disappointed with the Musical Fountain as I was looking forward to it. It turned out to be a laser show instead of musical fountain. When I was young, I remembered how the fountain dances with the music. It was splendid. However it has all changed. Just too much laser and techno stuff. 😡

      They changed the monorail system to bus system which was very chaotic. In the bus, Tim made some teenagers laugh. A bunch of young student teenagers came up the bus. They were very noisy and discussing where to go next. Tim took out his duck whistle and blow a few times. All of them laugh, one gal commented, hey X (one of the boy’s name), please don’t fart. 😆

      Cab Stories

      As we were riding on the cab, the cab men told us stories of their life. Many dislike the government and half the time complaining about it. However a cab man told us that he left his 15 years of vegetables wholesales job to become a cab man. Reason is the previous job took away all his quality time with his son and family. He quit for the family. He said that no point to earn so much and no time for the family. He is so right. :clap: He is also an expert in knowing how to see the freshness of the vegetables. It is such a waste and his knowledge can really make him a guru.

      Singapore Custom

      As we were exiting from Singapore, we need to get our passport stamped by the Singapore custom. The young lady officer looked at us sternly. She gave me a weird look that is very annoying. Anyway, I kept quiet. It took her so long to clear all the passports. Lastly she asked me how come my girl has IC number. I told her, now all birth certs will have IC number determined. She didn’t understand. What’s her problem? I am getting out of your country, what harm can I do to Singapore? :wall:

      However when we came to the Malaysia custom, they just allow us to pass without any problem. It is so weird!

      Dead Rat

      I opened my back porch door, pungent smell came on. I walked to my washing machine and asked my hubby. Maybe there is a dead rat in the drain or something. Little did I know the dead rat was just behind me! Fortunately I didn’t step on it. I am not a person who would scream at dead animals. Anyway, I ask my hubby to take a pair of chopsticks, dump into a double plastic bag and throw it away. After that, I cleaned the floor with dettol. My hubby found another one at the corner. It must be the stupid cat who always climb in to my back porch and chased after them.

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    10 Responses to “Family Vacation II”

    1. maria @ twinsmom said on

      wonderful read! and wonderful pictures! I enjoy it very much :clap:

      guess next time I go singapore, i want to use this as a travel guide 😆

    2. Very nice pix..
      So in total it was a week away then? 3N on the ship 3N in SGP?

      I haven’t been for a holiday to SGP for a long while, it’s always business.

      Btw, do you think the underwaterworld is nicer in SGP or KL (Aquaria)?

      You planned very well huh? for your trip, got lots of cheap deals. Even managed to get a good package from Matta fair. It’s really good when you can plan ahead.

    3. Last time I was at Sgpore, I was 15…and that’s quite a long long time ago. This is a good guide. Maybe the hubby and I will make a short trip down south when we’re back in town. Love the pic of 2 tired kids. 😀

    4. they look really tired, even when they are already sleeping 🙂
      glad you enjoy your vacation!

    5. me too enjoy your pic! :good:

    6. michelle said on

      Maria: Thanks. No charge for the guide. 😀

      Zara’s mama: That’s correct, 6N vacation and 1N in JB, a week. I plan this since January. My hubby was so afraid that we cannot make it and waste all of it. I prefer Aquaria, worth the value we pay for. I was just telling Jess, Monterey Aquarium is the BEST.

      Vien: I am sure you will have lots to buy. KL is cheaper though.

      Egghead: You haven’t seen how tired mummy and daddy look.

      Jess: Thanks to my hubby, he takes great pictures. Maybe the pictures painted more than what reality is.

    7. Wow, sounded like a very enjoyable trip u and ur family had. Couldn’t help noticing a pic dat Tim and Emily were sitting on a cart. Where was dat? And was it taken during sunset? Of all the pictures, I like the last one! Sooo cute. They don’t ‘kungfu’ kick each other?

    8. michelle said on

      Tracy: That is a trishaw exhibit which allow ppl to sit to take pictures. The guy acted as if he was the exhibit, when ppl walk passed, he moved and made everyone frightened. 🙂

    9. Oh, last time i used to walk at the Suntex City..just not sure it has this so called duck tour.

    10. Michelle, very detail story on Singapore…it is as if we are in Singapore…