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    • Maternity Leave 84 Days

      Malaysia moms to be may have 84 days of maternity leave. Currently it is 60 days. Let’s hope this goes through. Mothers should have more maternity leave to breastfeed their baby.

      Oh well, I will not be enjoying this as I have already made up my mind, just to have 2 children.

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      Published on July 28, 2006 · Filed under: Information, Parenting;

    12 Responses to “Maternity Leave 84 Days”

    1. “that women in the civil service” woh.. not us normal ‘tah kung jai’.. :shoot

    2. sighh…now how i wish they got this approved 2 months before i gave birth

    3. Still under discussion ler…but dont think private sector will follow ler…especially my sitingy China man boss.. 🙁

    4. hmm, weird, i left a comment this afternoon but no show now. Anyway, i was saying, Canada has the best maternity leave plan: ONE year!

      Here in US, if you have vaginal delivery, it’s only 6-wks paid leave. For c-sect, 8-wks. The govt will pay 60% of your mthly salary. Check/Cheque will be send bi-weekly. In California, a bit better, they have the Family Leave Plan. Can extend the maternity leave for another 6-weeks. 3-not-long-enough-month in total..but better than nothing la. *sigh* Some companies will pay the other 40%, but if working in kiam sap company (like mine), we just get teeny weeny amount in the pay check. *double sigh*

    5. michelle said on

      Zara’s mama: Is it? I thought also for private sector, maybe govt will request private sector to follow the same. Keep your finger cross.

      Jazzmint: Oh well, we miss the boat. Maybe you can consider having a 3rd kid.

      Jess: Newspaper say it will announce within a months time. Let’s wait.

      Vien: A year! Wow. I have a EU colleague, she went on 6 mths maternity and I tot that was a lot. I always tot US got better maternity leaves.

    6. NumberONE said on

      what abt paternity leaves? Come on…at least a week for us please coz we are the busiest soul in house during the maternity period.. *sick*

    7. Wow,how great is it if can be confirmed to 84 days.

    8. who knows? maybe there is will an unplanned 3rd one? LOL!

    9. michelle said on

      NumberONE: What were you busy with? Tell a bit. By the way, you can have the 84 days if you want, get pregnant yourself. 😆

      Huisia: You preparing for 2nd one?

      Egghead: I let you catch up first. 😆

    10. Yipee..I hope it’s approved. At least I can plan for my next one soon.

    11. hope approve but then usually govt first and private is optional one…

    12. I wish i have 2 too, with just 1 little girl, i am already very tired, dare not think of second one, and not to mention how expensive in Jpn to raise a kid. Phew!!