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      How many of you who have left school or college or university but still get haunted by exams? I thought I could escape from it but it seems not.

      I have lots of nightmares about exams. The dreams were always about the exam time is running out and I have completed all the questions or maybe got stuck in the first few questions. A few times, I dreamt I had missed one box of those objective sheet and all the following answers were out of sync. I even dreamt that I totally forgot to study for the subject and went into the exam hall point blank. These dreams really give me sweaty palms. Anyone can explain or interpret why I am having these dreams?

      Come to think of it, I never fail any subject in my University time. However I still do not understand why I have this exam phobia. There is one time when my monthly test was a total disaster. The test was simple, it was mathematics, I had to build up the answers with the formula given. I got nervous and started with the wrong figure, all the figures after that was wrong. Got an egg for that test. Fortunately they took the best 5 out of those monthly tests to add to the finals.

      Enough about the nightmares because it will become a reality soon, let’s hope not. I will be getting myself certified with basic ITIL. It is a requirement for me to take it. With this course, I need go for lectures for 3 days, study, burn midnight oil, no shopping and sit for an hour paper at the end. :wall: It will make me very nervous. Jazzmint, who is already basic ITIL certified, send me some mock up exams papers and answers. It helps a lot to bring down my anxiousness.

      Published on August 7, 2006 · Filed under: IT, Management, Parenting, Technology, Work;

    9 Responses to “Exams Exams Exams”

    1. maria @ twinsmom said on

      good luck man :P…

    2. you’re just overly anxious. Study is one thing but remember to take a breather. πŸ™‚ Good luck in your exams! πŸ™‚

    3. hehe no worries lah…i’m sure if i can pass you can do even better than me πŸ˜‰

    4. Good luck! I also always have this kind of dream, waking up with cold sweat after that. I hate exams , but I’m going to sit for one this Nov and another next Sept. πŸ™

    5. *biting fingers*.. still need to sit for exams huh? Good luck!

    6. Gosh! I thought u have to worry over Tim and Emily sitting for tests or exams. But u wor? Eat until so old still need to sit for exam ar? (kekekekeke)

      Whoever’s not afraid to sit for exams leh? No worries, no worries, guess u are anxious and worried. Relax, relax pal!

      My very sincere wishes and best of luck to u!

    7. I am still experiencing nightmares on exams even now… LOL!

    8. Good luck to you! :dance:

    9. michelle said on

      Everyone: Thanks for the advance wishes. I will put in more effort.

      Egghead: Good ah you, at 4pm, still can have nightmares.