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      I told you before that whenever Emily wants to throw tantrum, she would go for the floor, even in public. She will not allowed anyone to touch her. If you give anything to her, she will push it or kick it away. There is nothing you can do but let her stay there for a while. I have no idea where she picks it from. She started this while she was about 8 months.

      Kodak moments…

      Published on August 11, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    10 Responses to “Emily Oh Emily”

    1. kids memang like that ler when they wanna get what they want πŸ™‚

    2. Anyway for you to ‘train’ or ‘advice’ her to stop this?

      I used to have this 8yr old student whom I babysit occasionally for the mum on w/ends. When I brought her to the supermarket, and she wanted something but I wouldn’t buy for her, she would sit on the floor and start kicking and shouting. Oh boy, at 8yrs old.. that’s embarassing. So the next round her mum asked me to baby sit.. I said no way, unless she changed her ways.

      The girl liked me, so she actually stopped acting like that when she’s with me. πŸ™‚

    3. hmmm…maybe gotta trick her and give her some reward system if she stops behaving like that?

    4. Finally can see Emily lau kai moments! πŸ˜†

    5. Egghead: Cannot pamper them too much, later hard to control. :naughty:

      Zara’s mama: I always tell Emily, if she does that in public, I will not bring her out. She said OK. However when she throws tantrum, she forgets. πŸ™

      Jazzmint: While she is throwing tanturm, no reward can stop her.

      Jess: I tried to capture some video for u, next time.

    6. I tell u, ur Emily’s tantrums are nothing compared to Destinee’s! Dat girl of mine will be shouting and screaming if she could not get something she wants. And when Pappy tries to carry her to avoid embarassment it’s even worse, she’ll be struggling to get down! I’m sure if they are with someone else, they won’t be like dat. It’s only when mommy and daddy are around, they will act like dat. Does Emily do dat when she’s with her babysitter?

    7. I read something about a parent should just pick up the kid and leave the place immediately. Then, go down to her level, meet her in the eyes and tell her not to throw tantrum in the public and tell her it isn’t nice to do that.

    8. Haha! Sounds familiar. Both my kids throw tantrums. what more at this age they even started to fight and it’s daily! The older one always whine, shout and screams when he doesn’t get anything. But as mean as ever when I say NO, it means NO, and even if he drives me up the wall with his elephant whines..I still say NO. Coz simply if you give in, the next round it will be ultimum scream! The youngest one being young I have already instilled the NO treatment without compromise. He throws his head backwards when he is on the sofa (except wall! So smart!), kicks on the floor , whines on top of his lungs..still I won’t budge. What I do is I reason with him coz he takes time to listen (unlike the eldest!!). So when I managed to persuade him and make him say `yes and promise’, he actually calms and down and wait patiently. Ah this one can teach one..but the other..well…..NO still means NO , no matter what. Great blog! Keep it up.

    9. michelle said on

      Tracy: When tat happens, feel like having the earth swallow us.

      Vien: Theory will always be theory. Emily is like a bull, she will struggle if I pick her up.

      Flowsnow: Welcome to my blog. Agreed, our NO always has to be NO, we must be consistent, else they will take advantage of us.

    10. it is a challenge…I myself haven’t see the worst of Jeriel but when he cried, very very loud in public…