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      I was reading blogs on my computer in the study room. Emily took my calculator. I told her “You cannot take the calculator outside of the room to play, later papa scold”. She froze and took smaller step to try to leave the room with the calculator. “Mummy, take cane”. She still taking smaller steps and she dare not look at me with a deep thought expression. I took the cane and she gave the crying expression. I carried her back to the room. She cried for a short 30 secs. Later she said, “Cannot take out, later papa scold. Bye Bye Cya” :naughty: She left the room after placing the calculator back on the table. Mummy 1 Emily 0.

      Published on August 17, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Test The Water”

    1. Hee Hee.. :dance: Good that she listens..

    2. wahh…she very scared of the cane hoh

    3. using the cane is cheating 😛

    4. If boy maybe not easy to compromise. :naughty:

    5. I agree with Huisia, boy is not easy. Jeriel will just take and run away

    6. If you didn’t take the cane, would she listen? Haha..

    7. Zara’s mama: Somehow the cane open her ears a little.

      Jazzmint: Yeap, coz babysitter cane her once. Now no need to cane, just show it.

      Egghead: I didn’t cane, I just show it to her. 😛

      Huisia: It is the same thing, boy or gal, need to discipline but probably using different method.

      Chanel: Can run but cannot hide.

      Vien: She still needs a lot of work. When I succeed without the cane, I let you know. :D. or she will tell you herself. 😀