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      After the last incident of infected eyes, my specialist request that I should minimized the usage of contact lens. Not that I do not want to wear my spectacles but it is really troublesome. 10 reasons why.

      1. With spectacles, when it rained or bathed the children, I need a wiper on it.
      2. With spectacles, when I get out of a cool air cond car, it fogs up.
      3. With spectacles, when I wake up, I cannot see the clock.
      4. With spectacles, I cannot bath with it.
      5. With spectacles, I need to wipe the glasses every now and then, because it gets oily.
      6. With spectacles, my children always like to leave fingers prints on it.
      7. With spectacles, I have to remember where I put it.
      8. With spectacles, I have to remember to wear it.
      9. With spectacles, I tears when I chop onions.
      10. With spectacles, I look intelligent geeky.

      Published on September 5, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    11 Responses to “Spectacles”

    1. maria @ twinsmom said on

      basically the spec grows on my face already, so doesn’t matter now LOL….

      last time I gave up contact lense not because of infection, but the eye lashes always drop in my eye, and caught behind the lense! and so painful so difficult to take the lashes out.

    2. I thought you won’t tear when you are cutting onions w/glasses? You mean with contacts you won’t but with onion you will?

    3. Lucky i no wear it, but worry sick wien might need it one day! She so addicted to TV now.. 🙁

    4. Maria: Yeap some people get use to wearing glasses like part of their clothing.

      Zara’s mama: Yes, I don’t tear if I wear contact lens to cut onions. Amazing isn’t it?!

      Jess: Don’t worry too much, let her eat more fish and carrots. Sometimes it is also a hereditary problem.

    5. no 2. there’s a kinda solution where u spray on your specs that wont cause fogs.
      no 3. wear a watch even during sleeping time
      no 6. leave ur specs on high places where ur children cannot reach.
      no 7. since u r going to place it on high places, just look at those place.
      no 8. when ur vision is blur, dont tell me u cant remember to wear ur specs.
      no 9. use blender to mince the onion.
      no 10. being a geek is cool.


      i solved 70% of ur problem :dance:

    6. Miche: :clap: Some good tips here. My power is not that high, still can see without glasses. 😛

    7. It means you won’t tear if you wear contact lens to cut onion? Really? Oh, i must try to do!
      You go to bed with contact lens too?

    8. my power is very high and with high astig…after wearing contact lense, I hate wearing spectables..Well, my contact lense is not cheap either with high astig, at last my hubby sent to for eye laser at Optimax and claimed from EPF Acc 3. But now, EPF don’t allow claim for eye correction. Other option is interest free monthly installment. My eyesight is not 100% perfect but do not required any spectacles or contact lense…

    9. Hui Sia: Last time i used to do that, once in a while, wear to sleep. Now I dare not. Doc said “NOT ALLOWED AT ALL”. She said it can lead to blindness if you don’t take care it it. There is a case, where the guy had to replace his eye. It is very serious.

      Chanel: I think I dare not go for laser correction, I rather suffer with spectacles. 😛

    10. eh i thought if u wear specs when cut onion won’t shed tears, cause got protection mah kekeke…

      i’m a lucky soul, got vision 2020 😀

    11. Jazzmint: No, some how the onion vapour travel in the air and go into the eye. I think if I wear goggles, maybe I will not tear. Yeap, you are the fortunate few. Your children should not have any problem too.