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    • Examination Again

      I have to go for another examination but this time I do not have to study for it. Guess what? :sc:


      It is that time of the year that I have to go for Health Screening, sponsored by my company. 2 years ago, I booked for it and was about to go. However I got pregnant before the appointment date, I had to cancel it.

      The health screening is a comprehensive medical examination for early detection of common disorders such as Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Coronary Heart Diseases. Through these tests we can detect abnormalities in the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and urinary tract. It takes half a day for all the test and procedures to complete. The medical report will be completed and interpreted by the doctor.

      Chest X-Ray
      Electro Cardiogram (ECG)
      Stress Test (Treadmill) – must build up my stamina!! :wall:
      ESP (blood & urine test)
      Lung Function Test
      Ultrasound of Full Abdomen
      Full Vision Test by Eye Specialist

      I will blog further once I have the whole thing done. It is good to have your health check every other year when you reach my age.:pray: Pray that I pass this with flying colors!

      Published on September 12, 2006 · Filed under: Information, Myself, Parenting;

    10 Responses to “Examination Again”

    1. eh.. pregnant cannot go one meh? Can still go and do all the blood test right?

      I also have one comming.. wonder if I should skip it.

    2. oo u going for the EHS thingy huh…good lah FOC wohh…no worries lah, you are not that OLD

    3. so good company benefit!

    4. I did mine last year at Raffles hospital…pretty comprehensive…..cost me a whopping 600 bucks but luckily the company picked the tab. Don’t think will be doing it this year lor…perhaps will do it every 2 years. Good luck withy our examination, and do let is know the outcome….I am sure you will pass with flying colours.

    5. Zara’s mama: If I just do the blood test, it will be a waste. My company sponsors the whole package, so have to do everything. Pregnant is not advisable to do the pap smear, stress test, ECG, x-ray.. etc…

      Jazzmint: Yeah I worry too much.

      Jess: My company wants to ensure that we are fit. Good emphasis on our health too.

      Jan: Yeah every other year is good enough.

    6. Oh, your physical check up is every 2 years ar? I have yet to do mine..but my hubby’s physical is coming up..hehe. Not sure about other men, but this man of mine is afraid to visit the doc. 😆

    7. Do update us and pray that you will get good results…

    8. Don’t worry, am sure you will pass your EXAM! :angel:

    9. Happy New Year! See U!

    10. JohnFrangerson said on

      Nice Post.

      That was well said. Always appreciate your indepth views. Keep up the great work!