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    • Cannot Take This Home

      Yesterday, at church, I was carrying a 1 year old baby. Tim saw and he was concerned. As for Emily, she didn’t bother but continued what she was doing.

      Tim: Who is that?
      Mum: This is Michelle, say hello.
      Tim: Mummy, you cannot take this home.
      Mum: Why not? *teasing him*
      Tim: Please, put it back.
      Mum: 😯

      After the service, we had to send one of the children home. He saw the gal coming into the car.

      Tim: Who is this?
      Mum: We will take her home.
      Tim: No, cannot take her home. :naughty:
      Mum: I meant, take her to her home, not your home. :eh:

      Tim is very concern if I bring back a third child. He has a jealous character in him. Last time, when his class has a new student and the teacher pays more attention to the new person, he will be very unhappy. I hope someday he will know how to overcome his jealousy or at least control it.

      Published on September 18, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting, Timothy;

    11 Responses to “Cannot Take This Home”

    1. Oh boy, Tim is really sensitive, huh? Hmm, how did he take it when you brought Emily home the 1st time from the hospital?

    2. wohoo…rivalry eh hehe…so a third baby gonna be real tough one

    3. oohh…you do have a jealous little fellow there. But nevermind lar, if you do have the 3rd one….keep talking to him, it will get thro to him and he will be the korkor to take care of his siblings….kekekek

    4. Vien: He didn’t show any jealousy when I bought Emily home. Probably too he was young to be jealous. He is very sensitive boy.

      Jazz: Yes, lets hope there will be no accident.

      Jan: No third one, mummy cannot handle. :naughty:

    5. Hi Michelle! Just ‘met’ you in MSN. Didnt get a chance to chat with you.
      Found your site, so I came to visit!

      I am lucky I dont have a problem with my son. He loves babies. But he did say he doesnt want another baby in the house because he can’t take care of so many. 1 meimei is enough liao. 😆

    6. I thought usually boys are bo-chap type? :sc:

    7. Tim is more sensitive in everything….

    8. Elaine: Welcome to my blog. I agreed with him, 1 mei mei enough liao, at least for my family.

      Jess: Not my boy. :sc:

      Chanel: How ah? He is very sensitive. Everytime I scold him a bit, he cry and want me to sayang. But he is a very “kwai” type of boy, hardly do naughty things, except bully his sister. Sigh.

    9. Wah.. how come Emily bochap but Tim so kancheong?? Thought girls normally more sensative. 😛

      But so cute.. he asked you not to take her home.. like she’s a good or something. 😆

    10. Yeah..Tim is cute with his comments. As for my 2 boys, they told me to get ‘more mei-mei and didi’ !!!! 😮

    11. Brendan is quite similar to Tim in a way, he gets jealous easily and never fail to show it.