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    • I PASSED

      Thanks for all your wishes. I received an email from the trainer that I passed my ITIL. :dance: It just came at the right time as I was really stress last week because one of my projects messed up. Now cleaning the mess. 😥

      Hooray I am ITIL certified. What next? What should I study next? Any ideas?

      Published on September 18, 2006 · Filed under: IT;

    12 Responses to “I PASSED”

    1. congrats woh!!
      So smart!

    2. Wah, still want to study more? Company paying for it ar? 😛

    3. wah! not bad wor… still wanna study ah?

    4. :clap: :clap: :clap:
      PhD? 😆

    5. gong xi gong xi….you really love to study hor…but good lar….can study then study as much as you can….i want to study now also don’t seem to be able to find the time and extra money…kekeke…lol

    6. Congrats Michelle.

    7. Congrat!!
      So,worth to burn oil at night lo..:lol:

    8. wah congrats!! Next ahh..ITIL Master

    9. Congrat 😀
      Emm…I still have a long way to study…(parenthoods) :smile:…

    10. Everyone: Thank you! Thank you! :pray: Actually I don’t like studying for exams but I like to be more knowledgable and also the thrill after I passed the exams. 😛

    11. Just realised my comments is missing. Anyway, better late than never. Congrats Michelle. :clap:

    12. Congrats!!!!!