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      I had to fast the night before, no food after 12 midnight. First test was to get morning stool, was a yeaky process. Anyway, I don’t do big business in the morning, so that was unsuccessful. Second test was to do the Xray. Next was the ultrasound to check my liver, kidney and womb. Later I had to proceed to the lab for lab for blood test, and urine test.

      After which, I was served with breakfast at a nice room, with tea and water. I did the blood pressure check, colour-blind test, take weight, height and chest measurement. The doctor arrived, he proceed with some health questions on my health history and family history. He took out his tools, check my eye, ear and reflex. He also did the breast examination to ensure no lumps.

      The nurse came in and wired me up for ECG and stress test. I have to walk on the treadmill. It was slow at first, later it become faster and faster. At each interval, the doc will check my blood pressure and the heartbeat rate is shown on the computer. I completed all levels and the doc said “well done”. I was happy to hear that. I didn’t do much exercise since becoming a mom. The only exercise I do is housework and taking care of the children. However, every morning I made it a point to climb 3 flights of stairs, rather than taking the lift. After the treadmill, I had to rest on the bed till my heartbeat returned back to normal. The nurse did a pressure check and I can proceed to the next test.

      Next test was a hearing test. I was put in a sound proof room and different tone of sound were played. If I hear it, I press a button. I find that sometimes the sound still stay in the brain memory and not the actual hearing.

      The last test was my most feared, pap smear. I have to see the gynae to do that. He also did an ultrasound to check my womb. He told me that the pap smear test was just uncomfortable but not painful. I was all tensed up and wasn’t cooperating very well. I tried but it was painful for me. That minute was the longest minute that I ever felt. I am glad that was over.


      The good news, I passed everything with flying colours. My heart, liver, kidney, cervix, lungs, ear, and eye are all normal. My cholesterol was superb. :dance:

      Cholesterol (Total) 3.7 mmol/L (Desirable < 5.2)
      HDL-Cholesterol 1.96 mmol/L (Normal > 1.03)
      HDL-Cholesterol (Calculated) 1.3 mmol/L (< 2.58 Optimal)
      Cholesterol/HDL-Cholesterol 1.89

      The chance of developing a coronary heart disease within 10 years < 1%. :dance:

      The bad news I am underweight and anemia. As for the anemia part, I need to go for more tests to see whether I have iron deficiency.

      The doc made a remark saying “Your cholesterol result is very good, that because you are not eating anything.” I told him, you should see the way I eat, it will frighten him. Once I was in US, my counterpart was amazed of how much food I took on my tray. I had soup, main course and dessert. I even ate more than the US guys. Anyway I am under by 3kg. You know any good buffet in town?

      It was a great experience and happy to know that I am 99% healthy. :dance:

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    8 Responses to “Health Screening II”

    1. you probably are one of those blessed ones who can stuff a whole cow into you and not expand at all…..good news it’s it…..don’t worry about it, no need to think about putting on weight lar… long as you are healthy, 3kg under the so called ideal weight is still acceptable lar hor……

    2. wah so nice…can really eat n eat

    3. wah.. so healthy.. I always have problem with cholestral.. thn again I eat very unhealthily..

      Btw, this is quite a thourough test.. ours never have to do hearing or stool test, and even the ECG, they just make you lie down and strap some pads on your body and that’s it.. (I always thought running was necessary but they never ask us to run)..

      Maybe each hospital carry out the test differently.

    4. Jan: Actually I am not going for Ideal weight. I am going for a normal BMI. I am under, so it is a cause for concern.

      Jazz: Wanna treat me for a buffet? 😛

      Zara’s mama: The treadmill test is a stress test. I think my company gives us an extensive package.

    5. Good to hear dat u passed the tests. I went for the tests too (except for the treadmill), all was okay except I had to monitor my cholesterol … sigh …

    6. eh? they made you pooped that day? over here we can bring the tube home and just drop off the sample at the lab after we’ve expelled.

    7. Tracy: Eat more fruits, it helps. I heard starfruit is good.

      Vien: No, they didn’t make me poop. They gave me a bottle in advance for collection but it didn’t come. I don’t know why, it only come either at night or after I have breakfast. 🙁

    8. Wow..that’s a nice benefit from company. I have to fork out my own money to run all these test which I have not. Congrats for the flying colors result. 🙂