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      On Saturday, Deepavali day, I went to MidValley. At first, I thought many should have left KL and not many people around. I saw from a far that not much traffic into MidValley. However when I got there, all the parking bays were closed, cars were bumper to bumper, some lanes, not moving at all. I was there at 3:30pm. There were sure a whole lot of cars there. Surprisingly about 5pm, all cars were gone. Do they go there in batches?

      I was about to turn around and leave. I was heading to zone C parking lot and suddenly the attendant directed us to enter the new apartment car park. Some more it was FREE. How fortunate. :clap:

      Reason to go there, Tim wanted to ride on the trolley car. Oh well, this will be the last for him to sit as he won’t be able to fit in there due to long legs. By the way, Berjaya Times Square also has trolley cars too. It will be fun for the children but you cannot go to any shop with it especially small shops. You also cannot use the elevators so have to find a lift.

      Published on October 26, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Mid Valley KL”

    1. i went there too on tuesday crowded and packed, went there early so manage to get a parking after rounding

    2. Jeriel was sick sick…if not we can meet up and chit chat…

    3. hahaha…I was thinking why last trolley ride…sekali read on….due to long legs…i flipped…kekekek….Rayner still can sit….he too short lar…kekekek

    4. Mich, if u want to go to shopping malls in KL, make sure u go as early as 10.30 a.m. before the shops are open, then u can even park sideways (kekekek) or at around 5 pm where the ppl had done their shopping and time to go back.

    5. Suddenly feel like very miss MidValley….