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    • Stress Dream

      Do you get stress dream? I did and after waking up, it is not a good feeling. I just get mentally and physical tired. I am not stress lately but I don’t understand why I am getting these dreams.

      I dreamt that I was late for a trip to Australia for an examination. Yeah examination again, sigh. I cannot find my socks, look around and there were 100 pairs of shoes in front of me (not mine) and socks everywhere. I was trying to locate that which was mine. I found one but the other was lost. As I was rushing, I didn’t care, just grab whatever I have. Upon reaching the parking, in the dream I anticipated that I will go with my car. My hubby was waiting there, he was not angry as he seldom gets angry, but I could see him shaking his head for my lateness.

      Then, I went into a rented van not my car. Hubby said, he can return it right after. Oh dreams never make sense, anyway. However when we got into the van, there was no stirring wheel and it looks like the internal driving mechanism was broken. STRESS because of me we are running late. That was when I woke up, felling stress. Sometimes I dream about making a simple phone call for emergency but I kept pressing the wrong numbers, making me dial over and over again.

      I hope you don’t feel stress reading this. If yes, sorry…..Opps Monday morning some more. :wall:

      Published on November 13, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Stress Dream”

    1. Time to have a stress-less holiday lor! Maybe too many things happening.

    2. haha..funny, u get this type of dream…i think i do get this sorta *mou lei tau* dream sometimes as well…

    3. Emm….Monday Blue?? Hehe…..seems like your inner conscious still thinking the “exam”.

    4. don’t worry, I didn’t get stressed becso of your weird dream but was starting to get a little worried about you thou……cheer up, it’s only a dream…..examinations must be driving you up the wall.

    5. Julian:How can I have a stress less vacation? Travelling with children will never be stress free. Maybe when they are older, i guess. I cannot leave my children to anyone when I am vacation, will miss them a lot!

      Jazzmint: I haven’t told you about some dreams that I forgot and came true. Dejavu dreams. Give me the chills. :shifty:

      Huisia: I had that dream on Sun. If today, I sure tak ada mood. How to get exams out of my consciousness?

      Jan: But I am not stress wor. Maybe my monthly cycle working up my hormones. 😛

    6. Seriously, reading ur post makes me stress a bit ler. 🙂

      I get quite a fair bit of dream lately, some really doesn’t make sense one. I think it’s probably my fear that translated to dream at night.

    7. Allyfeel: Opps sorry…next time i blog about my sweet dreams.