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    • Tim the Teacher

      Emily: Mummy what is this? Pointing at a pic that looks something like this.

      Mummy: Lightning. Are you scared of lightning? It makes a “keboom” loud sound.

      Emily: Scare…Scare.

      Tim: Lightning does not make any sound, only thunder.

      Mummy: That’s correct Tim. :doh: Thunder makes a loud sound.

      It must be the DHA in his milk. I probably needs to take some of his milk, else how to keep up with him.

      Published on November 14, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting, Timothy;

    6 Responses to “Tim the Teacher”

    1. Oh, Tim so clever, yalo, lighting where got sound?!

    2. hahahha mummy is the pupil now

    3. Very smart! 🙂

    4. hahahah….our TIM is so so clever……all the money that went into the milk powder is well vested lor!!! kekekekek

    5. Huisia: Yeah must teach him carefully, otherwise kena from him…hehehe

      Sasha: Honestly I rather be a pupil…. 🙂

      Julian: I guess you are not complimenting me… 🙁

      Jan: I hope so lor.

    6. haha clever boy…can teach mommy liao