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    • Tai Tow Ha (aka Big Prawn Head) Again

      I forgot to blog about this. The adorable Belle made me forgot. I was supposed to meet with Vien and d0mesticgoddess at 6:45-7pm at Gurney Hotel. I left my office at 5pm to fetch my children and took a shower. I left the house at 6pm, so I could be there on time or earlier.

      I left the house secretly with Tim, hoping that Emily didn’t notice. She didn’t. My hubby asked me to pump petrol because tank is half empty. I thought there will be a Shell petrol station on the way, I will pump there.

      I was happily cruising with Tim, listening to music on the radio. I was like half way towards town. I stopped by the Shell. I got out. I was putting my hand on the back pocket. Guess what I forgot? Bingo, no wallet. Darn!!!! :wall:

      I still have enough petrol to go down town and back. Do you think I should take the risk of driving to town without myKad (probably get fine 10K) and driving license? If I turn back to pick up my wallet, I will be late, not to mention there may be traffic during the rush hour of people returning home from work. I really wanted to take the risk but Tim was there with me. I had to go back home. I had the handphone with me, called my hubby to get ready my wallet.

      I called up d0mesticgoddes to say I am going to be late. I reached the hotel at 7:20pm. Bumma…

      6:00 Out of the house
      6:30 Petrol station
      6:50 Pick up wallet
      7:20 At the hotel.

      If you do the math, it took me 30 minutes at first to be halfway and it took me 30 minutes later to drive from home to town. I drove real fast but safely of course. :shifty:

      Published on November 15, 2006 · Filed under: Myself, Parenting;

    8 Responses to “Tai Tow Ha (aka Big Prawn Head) Again”

    1. Wah ..F1 driver.

    2. Fuiyoooo… so fast.

      But if you are late, you tend to drive more aggressively.

    3. 😆 and the real funny moment was when you addressed me as my nickname when i picked up the call!

    4. hahaha……you are really the mama of prawns lor…..kekeke…..try to do a simple and quick check everytime you are getting ready to leave the house lor!!!

    5. wah!! so fast?!
      must be because at first tot a lot of time, so drive slowly then when know late liao so become F1 driver like Sasha said huh…..

    6. What happened to you? Recently i always hear you forgot this and that LOL!
      You feel stress?

    7. Huisia: I am fine, thanks. Maybe I rush out the house too fast and forgot to check whether I had my wallet.

    8. Sasha: Can race with Schumacher hor, only thing is he cannot race in traffic jam. Ha!

      Julian: Fast and Safe.

      DG: Opps sorry.

      Jan: Was rushing out, so didn’t really check.

      Shannon: When I started, I even said to myself, what if I was too early. So I cruise slowly.