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    • Parenting Roles – Good & Bad Guy

      Are you a good guy or bad guy in your parenting roles? Once I read that one parent have to be the one disciplining the child and the other is the one who comforts when they get scolded or whack. However, to tell you the truth, my hubby and I are not very good at it. Our children tend to see our soft spot and sometimes out play us. In another words, we are too lenient.

      They are afraid of other people like their teachers or grandma, listening to them and following their order, even without canning or scolding. No matter, how lenient we are, we still discipline them either with scolding or light caning (either on the palm or leg) if they go over board. With caning, so far I only have done it once. Now I don’t have to because when they see the cane, they are afraid. And I am not saying that this is the only method for discipline, I do use reward and others.

      Sometimes the smart Emily, if she gets scolded by my hubby, she will cried and want mummy. If mummy scolds, she wants daddy. Funny thing is that, especially if one of us is away for business trip, she will want the one who is gone when she cries.

      Besides disciplining role, most of the time my hubby and I will put on a cartoon hat. What’s that? We love to act funny to make them laugh. I still think humor or laughter will bind the family together. Hubby does that very well. He will do silly things to make the children laugh. Once, he put the laundry basket with holes over his head and acts like a robot. The children burst out laughing non stop and so does mummy.

      Published on November 16, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    6 Responses to “Parenting Roles – Good & Bad Guy”

    1. yeah normally someone gotto be the bad guy and good guy…

    2. It’s normal to have one good guy and one bad guy at home..
      I’m usually playing a bad role. 😥

    3. Most mummies will play bad role and daddy the goody good shoes

    4. hmm…in our household, there is not fixed role…sometimes mummy is the bad guy and sometimes daddy is the bad guy…’s not good for one particular person to be always THE bad guy……

    5. Pappy will always be the good one cos he doesn’t whack her. I’m the one who does the shouting, screaming, whacking, threatening. My girl is not scared of Pappy or kakak or anyone EXCEPT mommy. 😀

      Hahaha, I’m always the bad one in the family. After getting ‘lectures’ or whackings’ from me, my girl still clings to me. 😆

    6. hmm for us, when they need some lessons, both of us turn bad…so taht she knows that she’s wrong. Ususally, I’m the one that starts telling her can’t do this n that..but she refuse to listen, next daddy will come in…then she starts to cry..and i will be saying good good..told u don’t do bad hoh me