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      First time Tim had to perform on stage, not just any stage but the stage of Dewan Sri Pinang. It was a big stage, even I have never gone up that stage. He certainly made me proud. He had to perform with his class to about 200 audiences or more. His dance were titled “Barbie Gal”. He didn’t get any stage fright and had fun over it. Children, they just don’t know what nervous means.

      After that, we went on a shopping spree at Toysrus. I got a good bonus this year and wanted to get each of them a special toy. Those toys in Toysrus are not cheap and some are over priced. Guess what they picked. Here you go:

      Published on November 20, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    11 Responses to “Annual Concert”

    1. He performed so well at the concert, you should reward him lar…..yaya…toy s rus toys hor, some can be really overpriced. Toys can look damm cheapo but price really high…..haiz

      plus, how often you go shopping in Toy r us, long long time once nia….nevermind lar….see the kids play till so happy… kids also had a set of Mac toys……cheers

    2. wahh..mcD toys from TOys R us…So can start up a McD at home liao kekeke…

    3. Wow! U should be proud of Tim. Ada gaya man.

      Received good bonus sure must give everyone in the family a good treat. *psst, psst* reading ur post got treat or not? Kekeke.

    4. Wah,your bonus came out so earlier ar?
      Nice toys! Tim likes to play masak also?

    5. wah high school musical la!

    6. Jan: Hehehe..we visit Toyrus very often but only window shopping. Once in a blue moon, only we get toys for them. Not many choices here.

      Jazz: Yeah Tim has been cooking McD breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. :shifty:

      Tracy: Sure you can, once I get a treat, will share the blog with you. 😆

      Huisia: Yeah he loves playing cooking.

      Sasha: Not there yet….go slow.

    7. Tim chose masak masak? Sister’s pressure? 😛

      He looks like a natural on stage. Way to go Tim!

    8. Your kids are lucky to have mummy like you:angel: My girl also loves masak-masak. i bought her some plastic veggies,fish etc for her to cut, but she prefer my pot,spatula,laddle from kitchen :naughty:

    9. WAH! on stage but no stage fright!? way to go tim….
      Yeah loh, I was just about to ask, he chose the masak masak set also, or he playing together with sister’s toy??

    10. wah sooo nice got bonus…I don’t have sooo sad…
      Seeing the toys you bought, reminds me about Jeriel because he wanted that when he was in toyrus…

    11. Zara’s mama: Tim picked the McD set first. Next to it was the bigger masak masak set, so Emily took that.

      PrincessYoyo: She likes the real thing, huh.

      Shannon: At his age, still ok to play masak masak. In fact he played more than his mei mei.

      Chanel: Don’t be sad, you get other benefits, I am sure. Go buy for him.