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      Night time conversation.

      Emily: Emily sleep, clever or not.
      Mummy: Emily is a clever boy. *purposely*
      Emily: No, Emily is a clever gal. Emily is a gal, not boy.
      Mummy: Yeah, yeah, Emily is a clever gal. :giggles:


      Few months ago:

      Emily: Mummy
      Emily: Mummy *no response from mummy because busy*
      Emily: Mummy say “yes dear”
      Mummy: Opps, yes dear.
      Emily: Mummy *try again to ensure mummy gets it right*
      Mummy: Yes dear.


      Emily: Mummy
      Mummy: Yes Emily darling
      Emily: Emily is honey, not darling
      Mummy: Opps, yes Emily honey

      Generation have changed, I call my hubby, pa and call my children darling or honey. :sc:


      Mummy: Emily please can you put your bowl in the sink.
      Emily: Mummy see *clenching both of her fist* no hands.
      Mummy: Ok, no hand for candy too.
      Emily: *immediately bring the bowl to the sink*

      Mummy 1 Emily 0 :giggles:


      How can I forget Timothy. Here is a little on him. I have always been teaching the children to say please and thank q.

      Mummy: Tim, please could you get me a tissue from the table.
      Tim: *grab a tissue for mummy*
      Mummy: *took the tissue and kept eating dinner*
      Tim: Mummy, you must say thank q
      Mummy: Opps, thank q Timothy, you such a clever boy. :giggles:

      Published on November 23, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    12 Responses to “All About Emily”

    1. why u never say thank you to tim?

    2. Ya lor, no thank u one? 😛

    3. Sasha, Julian: I l left out 2 lines when I cut and paste from Word. I was darn hungry, concentrate on eating my dinner.

    4. hahahaha, times have indeed changed….kids these days are also smarter than us when we were their age.

    5. Hehe…Whenever I ask for tissue, Keith will pass it to me and say tq too (instead of me saying tq to him).

    6. Wah.. know how to clench her fists and said no hands?

      They are getting very clever and cheeky hor?

    7. You so bad la, threaten Emily!

    8. We also use chocolate etc to make Jeriel do things too….same same trick

    9. haha emily more cheeky than tim hoh

    10. Princessyoyo & family said on

      I like the way you and Emily talk, it is cute!! How old is Emily?? She can say a lot!! My girl is a bit slow 🙁

    11. Jan: I guess thanks to TV, early education and lots of friends to copy from.

      Sabrina: Bravo to Keith. :good:

      Zara’s mama: Yeah cheeky, tat’s her. I am not sure where she picked that from.

      Huisia: Huh? Got threaten her meh??…hehehehe.

      Chanel: Hehehe..I used choc to make Emily not to do things… 😛

      Jazz: Tim has passed that phase.

      Princessyoyo: She is 2+. Yeap, she knows a lot of words. Second one usually developed faster in speech. She follows the brother and friends.

    12. Yeah, time change for me too. I have to call hubby ‘daddy’ or else next time children will call ‘dear’ also. hehe..