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      Last night, I just got an email saying there is going to be a year end promotion for photobook. I promised some of you if I hear any good offers, I will let you know. Here are the offers for A3, 30×30, A4 Landscape, A4 Portrait & 21×21 photobook.

    • 20% off photobook from 17th Dec – 7th Jan
    • Buy 2 get 1 free
    • DIY Designer Templates Offer
      ( )
    • Lastly, they have the hardcover version but no price tags printed on their website. If you are interested, you can email them.

      Hop over there now: .

      Published on December 18, 2006 · Filed under: Information, ProductReview, Technology;

    3 Responses to “Photobook II”

    1. thank you.. see if I can get one up!

    2. hi,
      the hard cover is differ from pixart, no die-cut window. but look good too.
      i made a 120 pages 30×30 book and they free the hardcover for me. but according to Mark, the hardcover cost rm50.

    3. Been to the website, looks like the prices are a bit pricey lor! Cheaper to take to the photoshops and do it there! Looks like a rip off to me!