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      Yippy, finally I can strike off diaper from my shopping list. Emily is fully trained to go diaperless. It was a slow process, first I weaned her off the daily wear. Slowly take off during naptime and yesterday took it off from her night sleep. I remembered one naptime she did make a little accident. However once in the middle of the night, even with her diaper on, she called me to help her sh sh (aka pee). I took her to the toilet bowl. She can sh sh on the toilet bowl or the potty. However she needs help to get up on the toilet bowl. I must say that she controls her bladder very well. Often her night diaper is dry.

      However I have one minor problem. I hate going to public toilet. It is either wet or you can see people shoe print on the toilet seat. Not to mention some gross stuff I saw. My gal preferred to sit on the toilet bowl. She doesn’t want to pee when mummy carry her. She doesn’t pee on the floor in a squatting position. Now I make sure she pee before we go out. I am slowly training her to pee while I am carrying her. If you have any good ideas, I appreciate your comments.

      I know in the US, in every toilet you can take those paper toilet seat covers and place it on the seat before sitting on it. Maybe I can ask Vivien to send me a box of it. :giggles:

      Published on December 18, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    8 Responses to “Strike Off Diapers”

    1. Don’t need to send since you’ll be here very soon..hehe. I can get more than a box for you..that should last Emily a year! 😆

    2. wahh congrats…thats a huge amt of saving…now when should i start on faythe

    3. I hate the public toilet too, so i only order my hub to do it, but Emily is girl oo..
      I still have some diaper stocks, so everytime i would bring 1 or 2 pieces out, when Jo wants to pee, i would take out the diaper and let him pee to the diaper.

    4. I always let the papa (if he’s around) to take my daughter to public toilet…Last time she can’t do “big business” by us carrying her, but now ok. Since she’s 4+ now, I just find the squatting toilet and let her do it herself. Now I more senang liao!

      Before that, if I go out alone with her, I make sure she wears a diaper! very important!

      For the boy, now still on diaper, no problem…My future plan is to bring a big bottle along….

      My back-up plan is keep a potty in the car….Worst case, run back to car and do it in the car! You know lar…these kids cannot hold one….want to do, must do one! *sigh*…anyway, they are growing up….next time they go find the toilet themselves!!

      Last time, my mom just take us to tepi longkang…. no hassle at all…. 😆 😆 :dance:

    5. Congrats…Jeriel is diaperless daytime and naptime…but due to cold weather, sometime still got accident at night so sometimes I wear napkin for him at night…

      Michelle, you can have a few option :
      1. Get the disposable lining to put on the toilet bowl before seating.
      2. Get a foldable plastic (washable and can put in the bag) to put on the toilet bowl before seating.
      3. Get a foldable potty using plastic bag to collect both ‘small & big business’.
      4. Put normal potty in the car…

    6. I’m still trying to get Zara to pee in our own toilet bowl.. I really don’t know how to do it since she dislike the smell or her own urine and poo.. 🙁

    7. Vien: Thanks for the lovely thought. Yeah will be in US soon. Hope to meet up with you again.

      Jazzmint: You can start any time now. Do take a step at a time. It takes a lot of patience. It will be easier when she knows how to tell you she wants to pee.

      Huisia: Yeap, training a boy is easier. You know they can shoot rather than sit. :giggles:

      Annie: Yes, I remembered squatting near the longkang too. Now children are fussier I think.

      Chanel: Thanks for all the tips. Yes, I told my hubby about bringing the potty out.

      Zara’s mama: A tip for you, tell her you will spray air refresher after she pee or poo, may help her to get rid of the fear. I heard X-it is good but no perfume.

    8. Congrats to Emily. Finally u can save on buying diapers now. :dance:

      I’m lucky cos Des prefers to allow us to carry her when she pees (so any longkangs or bushes will do) or she prefers to squat on her own.

      If I can’t find toilets with the ‘squatting bowls’, what I’ll do is wash the seat (tap and hose) and clean the seat with tissues (if the seat is not very dirty) or line it with tissues.