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    • A Gift For You

      A present for you. Today is Christmas day. Today is to remind all of you that it is the birthday of Jesus Christ, so wish him a Happy Birthday. At sermon today, my church elder reminded us that the world has forgotten the meaning of Christmas. He said in the newspaper, malls, media, everywhere there is no mention of Jesus but a lot of emphasis on trees, santa, shopping for gifts and rudolf. Hrmm…the silly red nose deer is not even important.

      If you do not know who Christ is, it is time for you to find out. Christmas day is the day when God greatest plan was executed through Christ. It will be the greatest gift to you if you know who he is and believe. This message is my gift to all of you.

      “BLESSED LORD and God, we come to you, aware that you have pierced our world. You became flesh, you dwelled among us, you saw us in our fallen state, you reached in and pulled us out. You offered us salvation, you offered us mercy. And we are ever thankful”

      By Max Lucado

      What did I get for my children?

      I got the idea from this blog called my2lovelyrays. It is a doodle pad, you can use the colours on the pad and it comes off easily if you wipe it off with a damp cloth. It comes with stencils, easy for a 2 year old to trace a picture and colour it. The bad is the when the colours get on the hand, it cannot be wash off immediately. My gal painted her little fingers with it.

      Have a blessed Christmas!

      Published on December 25, 2006 · Filed under: Christianity, Gift, Parenting;

    6 Responses to “A Gift For You”

    1. Wow, that’s the first time I saw a doodle pad with colours on it. Usually they are just grey colour.

    2. hey, u didn’t show gift for your hubby?

    3. Haha…you really bought 2 sets hor?!

    4. haha, i was just going to ask what happened to her hands…. how come got red patch… NOW I KNOW…. hahaha

      and yeah, i saw it the other day, and couldn’t figure out how it was done… NOW i know… the ink goes onto everything else also…. hahaha…. *slap forehead*

    5. Julian: The toy industry is a billion dollars market, always burn holes in our pocket. I must say the inventors are very creative.

      Jess: The gift wrapped in red is for my hubby. It is a photography book on wedding shots. He and his partner just earned RM1xxx yesterday for doing a day shooting for a wedding.

      Huisia: What to do?

      Shannon: Yeah, have to monitor them on how they use it, else the sofa will be painted too.

    6. give you one more idea lar…..keep or throw those colour markers that come with the doodle pad…..let them use the crayola magic markers instead. Colour doesn’t bleed on the skin and is washable. Even if they draw on clothes and sofa…wipe off can liao….woahahahah….that’s what i am doing now!!! kekeke